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EEEEastern Equine Encephalitis
EEEElectronic and Electrical Engineering (various universities)
EEEElectronic and Electrical Equipment (market sector)
EEEEspaço Económico Europeu (Portuguese: European Economic Area)
EEEElectric and Electronic Equipment (industry sector)
EEEEntreprise d'Electricité et d'Equipements (French: Electricity Company and Equipment)
EEEElectronic Entertainment Expo
EEEElectrical and Electronics Engineering
EEEEuropean Executive Express (airline; Sweden)
EEEEasy to Learn, Easy to Work, Easy to Play (ASUS netbooks)
EEEEspace Économique Européen (French: European Economic Area)
EEEÉlectricité, Électronique, Électrotechnique (French: Electricity, Electronics, Electrical Engineering)
EEEEnterprise Extended Edition
EEEEastern Equine Encephalomyelitis
EEEEnergy Efficient Ethernet
EEEEnfance, Enseignement, Éducation (French: Specialty Children, Education and Training)
EEEElectronic Educational Environment (University of California, Irvine)
EEEEnterprise Computing, E-Commerce, and E-Services
EEEEducation Excellence and Equity (Albania)
EEEEurope, Européanité, Européanisation (French: Europe, Europeanness, Europeanization)
EEEElectrical & Electronics Engineering
EEEEnterprise Extended Edition (IBM)
EEEEnd-To-End Encryption (Cisco)
EEEConference on E-Technology, E-Commerce, and E-Service (IEEE International Conference)
EEEElectrical, Electronic and Electromechanical
EEEExempt-Exempt-Exempt (taxes)
EEEEnglish Exit Exam (various schools)
EEEEntrepreneurship and Emerging Enterprises (Syracuse University; New York)
EEEEngel East Europe (various locations)
EEEEmballages Europe Express (French: Europe Express Packaging)
EEEEd, Edd & Eddy (cartoon show)
EEEEmbrace, Extend and Extinguish
EEEElectromagnetic Environmental Effects
EEEElectronic Equipment Enclosures (Bellcore)
EEEEarth and Environmental Engineering
EEEElectronic, Electrical and Electromechanical parts
EEEEastern Economic Edition (Indian publications of printed US materials)
EEEElectrical Engineering Electives
EEEEssential Evaluation Element
EEEEconomic Exchange Event
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It is for this reason that for many long-term savings products, the government had followed an Exempt-Exempt-Exempt (EEE) regime, which meant there were tax exemptions at every stage: entry into the product, dividends, interest and returns during the phase of investment and finally on the returns one garners at the time of exit or sale of the investments.
The Bill is also likely to propose to continue with exempt-exempt-exempt (EEE) method of taxation on investments up to Rs three lakh.