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As Leyla received the donation from the Toward family she was joined by Chips the dog - exactly the sort of canine companion who will most benefit from the new exercise area.
A "green gym" - an exercise area with six to eight pieces of metal apparatus - funded by Kirklees Council is due to be installed in April.
If the pig has an exercise area try to encourage him to spend time there, spread the food around so he has to go rooting for it.
If he did, he would see plenty of examples of council investment in Cardiff North: in schools; the refurbishment of Rhiwbina library; the installation of MUGAs around the constituency; the development of the cycle track and refurbishment of the gym at Maindy; the Maes y Coed Community Centre in Heath; the neighbourhood renewal programmes in Gabalfa and Llandaff North; the new play and exercise area in Heath Park; road programmes and improvements, to name but a few.
warships in the region had been ordered to stay away from the zone where the Iranian Navy is now carrying out eight days of exercises and had backed off more than 300 kilometers from the exercise area.
His service project, completed for Greenhill Humane Society, involved landscape maintenance and relocation of plants, and construction and installation of a resting bench for volunteers and dogs in the exercise area.
What a shame that the council do not use common sense and have placed the runners in an area designated as a dog exercise area.
There should be a sleeping area, large exercise area and places to hide, such as tunnels and shelters.
One more bit of advice before getting fit at home, clear the exercise area as much as you can, stand well back from the TV and make sure that your children and pets are in another room.
4 million and will be three stories, with 58 rooms and have an exercise area and an indoor pool, according to the Rupe Building Co.
I would also like to comment on the lack of respect shown by some people, who use it as an exercise area for their dogs.
The 4,500 sq ft club includes an exercise area, eight treatment rooms, innovation pod, barber's area, power showers, secure storage, juice bar, private club area and retail section.