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EXCAPExercise Capability
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The patients' maximal exercise capability should be assessed by formal cardiopulmonary exercise testing before the start of the rehabilitation programme.
Measurements used in the trial to detect potential improvements in subjects treated with the drug include pulmonary function tests, exercise capability, and quality of life assessments.
"Ideally, patients experience improved lung function, exercise capability, and quality of life."
One critical capability is an Army-wide emergency deployment readiness exercise capability to ensure signal/digital-unit readiness.
The review also found other evidence indicating that fish oil can help lower high blood pressure slightly, may reduce risk of coronary artery re-blockage after angioplasty, may increase exercise capability among patients with clogged arteries and may possibly reduce the risk of irregular heart beats, particularly in individuals who hava had a recent heart attack.
"He won't ever have normal exercise capability because of the damaged lung, and there will be a very small chance of infection of the shunt, but he should be able to live a relatively normal life after his return."
To date, smaller trims have indicated that greater exercise capability [5], symptomatic improvement and survival [6] occur in subjects receiving high-dose rather than low-dose therapy; larger trials are in progress.