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First, exercise evaluation was limited to items that were under direct control of the staff members who participated in the drill, the controller, and the evaluator.
The objectives of an exercise evaluation include: first, to establish safety for exercise participation, second, to collect the necessary information to write an appropriate exercise prescription and lastly, to collect baseline data for outcome assessment.
Participants for this exercise are members of the unit control centers, initial responders (fire fighters, security forces, medical, and explosive ordnance and disposal), disaster control group, battlestaff, and the exercise evaluation team.
As the fitness industry has matured over the past two decades, exercise evaluation has broadened from: A.
However, the base will add five parttime Reservist slots and one civilian authorization as part of a new exercise evaluation team mission.
TSgt Jarvis participated as a Wing Exercise Evaluation Team (WEET) member and had constant oversight of the exercise play area.
Exercise evaluation reinforced the idea that amphibious assault was possible with certain tactics but would not be easy.
Request for Proposal: Exercise evaluation and control support for vigilant guard 2016
It was identified as a strength by the Exercise Evaluation Team and as an innovative use of existing technology to solve a continuing problem.
Utilize the Homeland Security Exercise Evaluation Program (HSEEP) and templates to
From the Framework Agreement, the delivery, installation and commissioning (including any required documentation services) of full RIV?A, full-color reverse shot cameras, complete workplace equipment for exercise evaluation of RIV?A and individual RIV?A components as well as the implementation of Einweisungs- and training with regard to the RIV?A can be retrieved.
The entire exercise and after action report / improvement plan must be Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Homeland Security Exercise Evaluation Program (HSEEP) compliant.