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EIEmployment Insurance
EIEmotional Intelligence
EIEducational Institute
EIEarly Intervention (special education)
EIEnvironmental Impact
EIEngineering Index
EIEarth Institute (Columbia University)
EIEuropean Integration
EIEmployment Insurance Program (Canadian Federal Formerly Unemployment Insurance, UI)
EIEnvironmental Illness
EIEnrique Iglesias (Latin music artist)
EIEnergy Institute (London, UK professional body for energy, oil & gas)
EIEducation International
EIEngineering Information (rigidity measure)
EIAer Lingus (Airline Identification Code)
EIEnvironmental Information (various organizations)
EIEat It
EIElectronic Imaging
EIEmissions Inventory
EIEducational Insights
EIElectron Ionization
EIElection Integrity (election advocacy group)
EIEntertainment Industry
EIElectron Impact (ionization)
EIExposure Index (cinematography)
EIEvery Issue
EIEast Indies
EIElectron-Impact Ionization
EIEnterprise Integration
EIEquine Influenza
EIExercise Information
EIEsercito Italiano (Italian Army)
EIEmployee Involvement
EIEnergy Intensity
EIExternal Interface(s)
EIEmployee Information
EIExternal Input
EIElectromagnetic Induction
EIEnvironmental Institute (University of Alabama)
EIEnergy Index
EIEnd Item
EIEconomic Ideas
EIEngineer Intern
EIEugene Island
EIExtended Information
EIExtraterrestrial Intelligence
EIEarth Interactions
EIExtreme Ironing (sport)
EIElectrical Instrumentation
EIEntry Interface (NASA)
EIElectronic Interface
EIEmotionally Impaired
EIExercise Item (US DoD)
EIError Indicator
EIElectrical Interface
EIEnable Interrupt (assembly language instruction)
EIEngineering Investigation
EIEncryption Item (trade)
EIExpectations Index
EIEffectiveness Index
EIEsquerra Independentista (Catalan countries)
EIEngineering Instructions
EIExpansion Index (soil)
EIExpansion Interface
EIExposure Investigation
EIEnemy Infantry (WWIIOnline game)
EIExtensor Indicis
EIExternal Integration
EIEvening Independent (St Petersburg, FL newspaper)
EIEvent Interval
EIEppley Institute
EIEngineering Interoperability
EIElectrical Inspectorate
EIEtiquette International
EIÉtudes Intégrées (French: Integrated Studies)
EIEnterprise and Innovations
EIEphemeris Improvement
EIExecution Indexing
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Satisfaction with PFM Exercise Information Received Questionnaire
After completing the PFM Exercise Information Satisfaction Questionnaire, and returning the Study Diary and questionnaires, participants underwent a PFM assessment pre-operatively (from/ between 1 day to 4 weeks prior to surgery) conducted by 1 of 3 blinded continence physiotherapists to determine their ability to correctly perform a pelvic floor contraction.
In addition to providing extensive data points for all donors including medical history, demographics, diet and exercise information, and medications, SeraCare can longitudinally follow donors to collect additional samples.
Diet & Exercise Assistant (4.0) and HealtheTech's BalanceLog allow patients to establish weight loss goals, record diet and exercise information, and track progress.
Diet & Exercise Assistant (4.0) and Healthe Tech's BalanceLog allow patients to establish weight loss goals, record diet and exercise information, and track progress.
The new Order Assist[TM] Program from MedDev Corporation is a simple way to provide Hand Helper[R] product and exercise information to residents.
The recommendation of the nurse or therapist, combined with the product and exercise information included in the Order Assist[TM] Kit, enables residents to choose the Hand Helper products that meet their needs.
Diet & Exercise Assistant (4.0) and HeakheTech's BalanceLog allow patients to establish weight loss goals, record diet and exercise information, and track progress.
Drop the device into its cradle, and your exercise information is sent to your own custom Web page, which in turn displays the information in a gaggle of graphs that can be used to track your progress or, better yet, show off.
As a MBA, Dwayne Golden is extensively instructed in how to exercise information systems to capitalize the best that a company can offer.
There's more exercise information in Life and Breath by Neil Schachter, MD, even for asthmatics.
AFAA allowed her to stay abreast of exercise information, new types of training and exercise classes being developed and offered.