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EBCEverest Base Camp
EBCEmmanuel Baptist Church (various locations)
EBCEuropejskiego Banku Centralnego (Polish: European Central Bank)
EBCEnvironmental Business Council (Boston, MA)
EBCExhaled Breath Condensate
EBCEuropean Builders Confederation (Belgium)
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EBCEuropean Brewery Convention
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EBCEuropean Business Consulting (Luxembourg)
EBCEastbourne Borough Council (UK)
EBCEconomically Backward Class (India)
EBCEmbedded Controller
EBCExtended Binary Code
EBCEmbedded Board Computer
EBCE-Business Community
EBCExternal Peripheral Bus Controller
EBCEngine Braking Control
EBCElectronic Boost Control
EBCE-Business Connection
EBCEvangelical Baptist Church (various locations)
EBCExternal Bus Controller
EBCEffective Business Communication (course)
EBCEmitter-Base-Collector (transistor amplifier configuration)
EBCEarly Breast Cancer
EBCEastern Book Company
EBCErmont Badminton Club (Ermont, France)
EBCEmployee Benefit Consultants (various organizations)
EBCEquity-Based Compensation (finance)
EBCEastwood Baptist Church (various locations)
EBCEmployee Benefits Center (various organizations)
EBCElla Baker Center for Human Rights
EBCEuropean Brain Council
EBCElectronic Birth Certificate
EBCEducational Broadcasting Corporation
EBCEspace Boisé Classé (French: Classified Wooded Area)
EBCEspace Bois Concept (French: Wood Space Concept)
EBCEugene Ballet Company (Eugene, OR)
EBCEntrepreneur Business Centre (various locations)
EBCEssential Boundary Condition (physics)
EBCElectronic Boost Controller
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EBCEnglish Benedictine Congregation (religious organization)
EBCEu Badminton Club (French sports club)
EBCElement Based Charging
EBCEhime Broadcasting Company (Japan)
EBCEnvironnement Bois Construction (French: Wood Construction Environment)
EBCEmbedded Battle Command
EBCEntreprise de Bâtiment Cojean (French building company)
EBCElectric Boat Corporation (North Kingstown, RI)
EBCEntreprises Bon Conseil (French: Good Business Counsel; Canada)
EBCE-Business Consortium
EBCElectronic Brake Controller
EBCEuropean Boomerang Championship
EBCElectron Beam Cutting
EBCErrored Block Count
EBCEquitable Banking Corporation (Philippines)
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EBCEquivalent Boron Content
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EBCEsophageal Balloon Catheter
EBCEthernet Bundle Controller
EBCEnvironmental Biosafety Committee (US EPA)
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EBCÉcole Brésilienne de Capoeira (French: Brazilian School of Capoeira; martial arts)
EBCEasy Banner Control (software)
EBCEqual Bandwidth Channel
EBCExternal Black Converter
EBCEinstein Bose Condensate (photology)
EBCEquipotential Bonding Conductor
EBCEmergency Backup Center
EBCEnhanced Bearer Capability
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3],[4],[5] Thus, the aim of the research was to detect the content of remodeling markers of the respiratory tract in the exhaled breath condensate (EBC) of children suffering from bronchial asthma (BA).
Mitochondrial DNA mutations in exhaled breath condensate of patients with lung cancer.
Following recruitment, appointments were made by telephone for participants to visit the nearest residents' committee to complete questionnaires, lung function tests, and exhaled breath condensate (EBC) collection.
Moderate altitude but not additional endurance training increases markers of oxidative stress in exhaled breath condensate," European Journal of Applied Physiology, vol.
Glucose is a non-volatile molecule found in exhaled breath condensates.
At each visit a bodyplethysmography was conducted, the FeNO and exhaled breath condensate pH (EBC-pH) were measured.
respiratory disease, inflammatory markers, exhaled breath condensate, avian, psittacine birds
Pulse Health, the leader in helping consumers measure their health status through Exhaled Breath Condensate (EBC), today announced it has secured $2.
Background: Studies of interleukin (IL)-4 and IL-6 in the exhaled breath condensate (EBC) of asthmatic patients are limited.
Therefore, the noninvasive sampling of exhaled breath condensate (EBC) has become a rapidly growing field in respiratory analysis; however, EBC has a number of serious methodologic difficulties, e.
KEY WORDS: biomarkers, Clara cell secretory protein, disinfection by-products, exhaled breath condensate, fractional exhaled nitric oxide, respiratory health, swimming, swimming pools, trihalomethanes.