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The further integration of an automatic exhaust air filter washing system automatically cleans the module elements, ensuring the consistent efficiency of both the filter and heat recovery modules.
As the wind blows, exhaust air flow from both cooling towers rows is forced to bend downwards causing recirculation in the area between the two cooling towers rows.
A metric to measure the efficiency of an exhaust air energy recovery exchanger is recovery efficiency ratio (RER).
But now it is no longer necessary to access every apartment to clean the exhaust air systems.
With this modern multi-stage exhaust air system Getzner AG achieves a high energy efficiency, because most of the exhaust air heat is recovered in BRUCKNER ECO-HEAT systems.
This heat exchanger is used to recover energy from the hot, moist exhaust air and transfer it to the fresh air intake where it heats the incoming fresh air.
They contain complicated mechanisms whereby exhaust air is thrown out at the top, after passing through a heat exchanger.
The number of vessels required is dependent on the exhaust air flow volume.
An exhaust air cleaning unit can be directly linked to the Eco Booster heat recovery unit.
During the heating season, when it is cold and dry outside, this same device pre-heats and pre-humidifies the outdoor air by removing both sensible heat and water vapor from the exhaust air and transferring it to the entering outdoor airstream.
The important feature of all these installations is that the ducts carrying the exhaust air are heated and insulated to maintain the relative humidity of the air in the duct below 70%.