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EATREnergetically Autonomous Tactical Robot (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency)
EATRExhaust Air Transfer Ratio (ventilation)
EATREffective Average Tax Rate
EATREdgewood Arsenal Technical Report
EATREnvironment Assessment Technical Report of DEIA
EATREn-Route Air Traffic Regulation
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This transfer of substances is called exhaust air transfer ratio (EATR) (1) and is depicted in Figure 1 for the example of an enthalpy wheel.
t], EATR, OACF, and RER for the sensible, latent or moisture, and total energy effectiveness, exhaust air transfer ratio, outdoor air correction factor, and recovery efficiency ratio.
s]; exhaust air transfer ratio, EATR, which is a dimensionless ratio to account for the bulk transfer of exhaust gases into the supply air due to wheel rotation and air leakage; outside air correction factor, OACF, which is a dimensionless ratio to account for the decrease in supply airflow from the wheel inlet to outlet; and recovery energy ratio, RER, which, similar to COP, is a ratio of energy transferred from the exhaust to supply air divided by the sum of the input fan motor energy for air pressure drop and drive motor energy to rotate the wheel.