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EOBJExisting Object (AutoCAD)
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All the aforementioned shortcomings of conventional understandings of QT can be seen to stem from interpreting all measurements/observations as being "measurements of an external, independently existing object.
O) [for all]x (x is an existing object [contains] [logical not]
This new data, plus data in any Salesforce existing object including leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities and cases can be used to drive the behavior of the IVR and call routing strategies.
In fact, every act of preservation puts the existing object at risk.
In the latter medium, cinematic art comes to share certain features of painting as it is no longer dependent on 'some independently existing object to create expressive content' (50).
The latter includes painting, ultraviolet layout, and a surface tool used to create strips of vertices, edges, and faces that conform to an existing object.
Imagination in art consists in knowing how to find the most complete expression of an existing object, but never in imagining or in creating the object itself.
connecting scripting model to existing object model given by UML diagrams.
The ability to automatically add in the persistence layer to the existing object model eliminates the need for hand-coding JDBC, SQL, Java persistence, etc.
It identifies the type of an existing object to transform.
By combining RP with digital imaging, we are in effect creating a "three-dimensional fax": an existing object is scanned, the computer file is stored / transmitted / modified as required (change scale, add or subtract features, etc.
Pages can also contain programming tools for exploring existing object definitions and creating new ones.