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EFORTEuropean Federation of Orthopaedics and Traumatology
EFORTExogenous FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) Ovarian Reserve Test (human reproduction)
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(30) This results in higher serum levels of FSH before starting COS which in turn causes maturation and growth of the leading follicles before adding the exogenous FSH. Early gonadotropin suppression during the subsequent follicular phase could be easily achieved by several options including estrogen, GnRH antagonists, or oral contraceptives.
Active immunization against inhibin improves superovulatory response to exogenous FSH in cattle.
Clinical studies on the p.N680S polymorphism of the FSHR gene have demonstrated the homozygous Ser/Ser variant to be less sensitive to endogenous or exogenous FSH in terms of estradiol production.
When the change in position 680 of the FSHR gene (p.Asn680Ser) is detected homozygously, however, the desired E2 level can be reached by administering a higher dose of exogenous FSH [11].
Mitwally and Casper (9), in another study, evaluated the use of Letrozole with exogenous FSH in 12 patients with unexplained infertility and a history of poor ovarian response to FSH in at least two previous cycles.
Administration of exogenous FSH, melatonin and progestagens has been shown to promote ovarian activity and follicular development in the seasonally anestrous ewe (3).
We enhanced clutch mass of a second and third group of females using exogenous FSH and exogenous corticosterone.
2--The exogenous FSH ovarian reserve test (FSHORT) (78).