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X1Exophoria At Near (ophthalmology)
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34) Clinical tests show a reduction in the amplitude of accommodation, reduced accommodative facility, reduced near vision/ visual acuity and an exophoria at near on cover test that becomes relatively esophoric if the patient tries to exert more accommodation.
Each manifested a receded NPC, abnormally high exophoria at near, and decreased compensatory fusional vergence ranges at near; thus, they were classified as having CI [4].
This is consistent with the majority of those with mTBI having exophoria at near, thus requiring additional PFV to attain bifoveal fixation.
Decompensated exophoria at near is easiest to treat with eye exercise.
Although a decompensated exophoria at near and a convergence insufficiency commonly occur together, they are not the same thing.
Practitioner may consider a base-out prism for an esophoria which doesn't respond to refractive correction, or base-in prism for older patients with exophoria at near.
A myopic child with a large exophoria at near will probably benefit from spectacles wear for near work as well as distance.
Decompansated exophoria at near is easiest to treat with exercises, such as the Dinosaur cards or aperture rule trainer, and the Institute Free-space Stereogram (IFS) exercises.
Conversely, many patients with a decompensated exophoria at near can converge to a very close distance, until the target reaches their nose.