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EXORExclusive or
EXORExclusive-Or Gate
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Exor added that, subject to a shareholder vote, the governance rules of The Economist would be amended to limit the voting powers of any single shareholder to 20 per cent, and to ensure that no one individual or company can own more than 50 per cent of the group's shares.
Exor, which controls Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV, is pushing for the deal to reduce its exposure to the auto business.
For factory automation, home automation and marine applications, Exor can offer complete JMobile solutions based on certified hardware platforms where the system has been extensively tested, thus offering a high degree of reliability.
For the third quarter of 2012, Exor posted a net profit of EUR 71.
One of Europe's largest investment firms, Exor, confirmed their interest on Tuesday in acquiring F1 alongside News Corporation.
The new chairman, Carlo Sant'Albano, has served as CEO of Exor, Cushman's majority shareholder, for the last five years.
Both parties agreed to keep the purchase price confidential, said Banca Leonardo, which is owned by founder Gerardo Braggiotti and investors including Exor SpA (EXO.
90% in the dynasty's investment company Exor (BIT: EXO) and 0.
A spin-off followed by a market listing would also allow Exor, the holding company owned by the Agnelli family that is Fiat s largest shareholder with 30.
The court said it also received a submission from Mamut of Norway and TeamSystem of Italy and a separate application from Swedish software firm Exor.
4760 Source: Petronas Table--2 Production capacity of LPG in Indonesia, 2002 LPG plants Production capacity (ton/year) UP--I, LPG Rantau 30,000 LPG Pangkalan Brandan 99,000 UP--II, Dumai 160,370 UP--III, Musi 36,950 UP--IV, Cilacap 269,000 UP--V, Balikpapan 190,840 UP--VI, EXOR I--Balongan 240,700 -- Mundu 33,000 LPG Arjuna 230,000 LPG Tanjung Santan 80,000 LPG Arar 14,000 LPG Arun 1,600,000 LPG Badak Bontang 1,088,000 Total 4,071,860 Source: Pertamina/Data Consult Table--3 LPG production Type of Product Butane Propane Oil Refinery Barrels M.
Such violent accretion episodes are known as EXor or FUor eruptions, which are very similar, except that EXors last from months to a few years, whereas FUors can last many decades.