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The investment in new bioanalytical technologies aims to expedite delivery of bioanalysis results for global clients.
NNA - AN-NAHAR: French deputies and Salam: Warm and concerned welcome "Dialogue of platforms" between Rabyeh and Muarab ASSAFIR: Mokbel to "Assafir: Final touches on equipping Army contracts Salam from Paris: To regional and international keep up with presidential file AL-MUSTAQBAL: 16th session to elect president: Scene is repeated AL-AKHBAR: Marwan Hmadeh in "Network" Data recorded contacts between Hmadeh, Sami Issa THE DAILYSTAR: Salam urges France to expedite delivery of much-needed arms Prime Minister Tammam Salam pleaded with France Wednesday to expedite the delivery to the Lebanese Army of arms paid for by a $3 billion Saudi grant, to help Lebanon face Islamist militants who are threatening the country's security and stability.
For OEMs looking to expedite delivery on outsourced electromechanical assemblies, wire harnesses, cable assemblies, or even box-builds, working with a flexible partner can be important.
The Premier directed ministers concerned to expedite delivery of all required reports to be reviewed by specialised committees to ensure proper workflow in their ministries and the government's programmes.
His comments come as the Obama Administration is seeking to expedite delivery of a range of US weaponry to Maliki's government as it fights a resurgent militant threat.
Once awarded, we are immediately asked to expedite delivery at no additional expense to the government.
If the hand from below is ineffective, the surgeon should be prepared to perform a reverse breech extraction or extend the uterine hysterotomy incision to expedite delivery. (1)
Distribution outlets in different regions in Yemen are being set up to expedite delivery.
While the primary responsibility for the implementation of the global strategy rests with member states, CTITF ensures that the UN system is attuned to the needs of member states, provides them with the necessary policy support and spreads in-depth knowledge of the strategy, and wherever necessary expedite delivery of technical assistance.
This efficient remote service reduces time spent on support calls to expedite delivery within stringent deadlines.
It was the Clinton administration that announced an ambitious plan for a government portal, called the Firstgov.gov in the year 2000, which was designed to expedite delivery of information to citizens of the US.
THE ministry of home affairs ( MHA) has asked the company supplying bulletproof jackets to the paramilitary forces, to expedite delivery of the 59,000 pieces ordered.