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EXREPExercise Report
EXREPExpedite Repair
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The agency added that they will expedite repairs to keep the airport operational if needed.
"The power company said they're pulling crews from other states to expedite repairs. We can only hope that's the case," Mr.
He didn't yet have a cost estimate, but said the school board declared an emergency at its Monday meeting, which loosens some procedures in order to expedite repairs.
This process can take anywhere from days to years depending on the extent of damage, but all attempts are made to expedite repairs whenever possible.
Our staff retains their sense of autonomy while we get the authority we need to expedite repairs."
It was certainly in the state's interest to expedite repairs. In addition to the project being under intense public scrutiny--nothing generates interest in California like its roadways--cost was a major concern.
Rent-control advocates, who dominate the city's Rent Board and traditionally hold a slim advantage in local elections, realized that, perhaps even more than the landlords, they needed to back measures that would expedite repairs. After all, if the 3,100 apartments--housing 4,000 to 5,000 voters-remained uninhabitable or were ultimately destroyed, their electoral plurality would disappear along with the units.
We also moved some of our (events) to other Cebu City hotels for the past week as we expedite repairs for the cosmetic damage the hotel sustained," she said.
With a high profile roster of tenants such as Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo, and Fried Frank, Brookfield determined be repaired immediately and called in Timbil to expedite repairs to electric, sprinkler, HVAC and elevator systems.