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Our staff retains their sense of autonomy while we get the authority we need to expedite repairs.
It was certainly in the state's interest to expedite repairs.
Rent-control advocates, who dominate the city's Rent Board and traditionally hold a slim advantage in local elections, realized that, perhaps even more than the landlords, they needed to back measures that would expedite repairs.
With a high profile roster of tenants such as Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo, and Fried Frank, Brookfield determined be repaired immediately and called in Timbil to expedite repairs to electric, sprinkler, HVAC and elevator systems.
William Robertson, director of the Bureau of Street Services, said the program would allow people to expedite repairs they feel strongly about.
On Tuesday, the Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to continue allowing the Department of Public Works to expedite repairs and flood- control facilities under an emergency action.
These emergency funds will be key to allowing the people of Wisconsin to expedite repairs in the impacted areas, said Federal Highway Administrator Gregory Nadeau.
Emergency relief funding will help Missouri expedite repairs in the aftermath of the flooding, said Secretary Foxx.