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Experimental Prototype. For this practical example, a polyphase optical encoder was manufactured as presented by Figure 7, which shows the exploded view of the experimental prototype, with the following components:
Considering the previously described case study, we developed an experimental prototype following the architecture observed in section 3.
The acquisition system can produce experimental prototypes quickly, but if our customers want a high-quality product that we will have in the inventory in large numbers for a lot of years, that takes longer.
Following this statement, this research is focused on generating specific guidelines for the development of interactive educative tools for psychomotor development of early childhood in children between 3 and 5 years old, which where validated through an experimental prototype called "Playing while taking my first steps".
The above authors validate the models with respect to the results obtained through experimental prototypes. Scully and Hack [3] worked on the same research lines and performed a numerical finite element analysis, as well as a qualitative study from Wagner dimensionless number to determine the influence of plate, tube pair.
To its credit, Samsung has taken the smartphone with a curved display from experimental prototype to mass production in just a couple of years, proving that, physically and technologically, the concept works.
The experimental prototype torus at Culham, near Oxford, referred to in the letter, is another example of British scientific endeavour.
The experimental prototype, which looks like a smaller version of the B-2 bomber, was developed by aerospace giant Northrop Grumman at a cost of about $1.4 billion.
They developed their own experimental prototype and signal processing software [13, 14].
Figure 4 is the snapshot of the QT/embedded welcome picture on the experimental prototype.
"So at that point the only solution was to remove the infected ventricular system, with all the tubes and intervene immediately using this experimental prototype," he added.
Wolfgang Duerheimer, Chairman & Chief Executive said ``Since Bentley's first experimental prototype in 1919, the very first car to bear the Company name, the designation EXP has stood for ground breaking innovation in the automotive industry.
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