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EGPEgyptian Pound (Currency Unit, ISO)
EGPExterior Gateway Protocol (IETF standard STD00018 RFC0904)
EGPEmang Gue Pikirin (song)
EGPExterior Gateway Protocol
EGPEspace Glisse Paris (French skateboarding park)
EGPEntreprise Générale de Peinture (French: General Contractor Painting)
EGPEndogenous Glucose Production (endocrinology)
EGPEjercito Guerrillero de los Pobres (Spanish: Guerrilla Army of the Poor; political group; Guatemala)
EGPEnvironmental Genome Project
EGPEx-Gratia Payment
EGPEnglish for General Purposes
EGPExamen Géronto-Psychomoteur (French medical publication)
EGPEstimated Gross Profit (finance)
EGPÉlectricité Générale de Picardie (French: General Power of Picardy; Picardy, France)
EGPÉlectricité Générale Pinheiro (French: General Pinheiro Electricity)
EGPEspace Gestion et Patrimoine (French: Space and Heritage Management)
EGPEntreprise Générale de Parquet (French: General Flooring Company)
EGPEntreprise Générale pour le Particulier (French general contractor)
EGPElectronic Programme Guide (digital television)
EGPExperimental Geodetic Payload (Japanese satellite)
EGPEquipotential Ground Plane
EGPElectronic Graphics Processing
EGPEscola de Gestão do Porto - Universidade do Porto (Porto, Portugal)
EGPExhaust Gas Pressure
EGPEmergency Generating Plant
EGPEquipment Gross Product (sales metric)
EGPEnhanced Graphics Processor
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