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Emily McLain, a lobbyist with Planned Parenthood, said that the explanation of benefits often contains "the most revealing and sensitive information" about medical care, whereas doctors' bills are often "much less specific.
In response, the plaintiff argued that the patents were narrow and concrete and apply only to the use of stored-value cards by third-party payors to pay healthcare benefits using a computer-generated file that couples payment with an explanation of benefits.
Oxford was cited for approximately 300,000 instances of failing to provide explanation of benefits statements.
The appeals court went a step further and ruled that insureds cannot sue their insurance companies for not providing an explanation of benefits on a medical claim.
An explanation of benefits (EOB) is what an insurance company sends the subscriber after the office visit that explains how the claim was processed.
Also, when your insurer sends you an Explanation of Benefits statement, read it carefully to make sure you've received the services described.
How much confidentiality can she have when an explanation of benefits from the insurance company is sure to be sent to her home?
There is no indication on the explanation of benefits form as to whether the unpaid amount on twin #1 is a deductible or a write-off.
Anderson notes that including the explanation of benefits (EOB) from the primary carrier is necessary.
According to the company, FASTATTACH service enables dental professionals to transmit digital radiographs, charts, digital photographs, explanation of benefits (EOBs) and text documents to an NEA server repository where payors can view the documents to facilitate claims adjudication.
To apply for reimbursement, eligible members must submit a Tricare claim form, a copy of their itemized bill, an explanation of benefits and proof of payment (if the bill was already paid) to their regional Tricare claims processor.