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EMThem (slang; usually written 'em)
EMElectronic Mail
EMEmergency Medicine
EMEmerging Markets
EMElectronic Music
EMEddie Murphy
EMEnvironmental Management
EMEmergency Management
EMEnd of Medium
EMElectron Microscopy
EMEffective Microorganisms
EMElectronic Media
EMElectron Microscope
EMEnergy Management
EME-Mail Me
EMExpectation Maximization (algorithm)
EMExtreme Makeover
EMEsclerosis Multiple (Spanish: Multiple Sclerosis)
EMExperimental Model
EMEngineering Mechanics (various schools)
EMEnterprise Manager
EMÉcole de Management (French: Management School)
EMElectronic Monitoring (various locations)
EMEngineering Manager
EMExercise Manual
EMEncephalomyelitis (inflammation of brain and spinal cord)
EMEnd-user Manual
EMExpress Mail
EMExecutive Manager (US DoD)
EMElectronic Manual
EMEnterprise Management
EMElliot Minor (band)
EMEvaluation Model
EMEnlisted Marine (US DoD)
EMEmergency Manager
EMElectronic Musician
EMEngineering Model
EMEncyclopedia of Mormonism
EMExplanatory Memorandum (Australia and UK)
EMElectronic Module
EMEnrollment Management (educational institutions)
EMEarly Minoan (time period)
EMEngineer of Mines (mining engineer)
EMEnergia Metabolizável (French: Metabolizable Energy)
EMExtensions Manager (Apple)
EMEnlisted Military
EMEnvironmental Mycobacteria
EMEnd of Medium (ITU-T)
EMElectron Micrograph
EMElectromotive (voltage as an electromotive force)
EMEconomics and Management
EMElement Manager
EMEngine Modification
EMExternal Modulation (Pirelli)
EMEnvironmental Module
EMExpanded Memory
EMEnd Matched
EMEnergy Maneuverability
EMEmasculated Male
EMElectronic Marketplace
EMEquipment Module
EMElement Management (Sprint)
EMEnvironmental Monitor
EMExtraintestinal Manifestation
EMExecutive Minister
EMExecution Management
EMEnvironment Monitor (SONET)
EMEnergetic Material
EMExecution Monitor
EMEuroMetaux (European Association of Non-Ferrous Metals)
EMElectrician's Mate (US Navy rating)
EMEnabled Mail (Internet)
EMEducation Manual
EMElectric Mirrors (automotive classifieds)
EMElectromagnetic Conductivity
EMEconomy and Management
EMError Monitor
EMException Monitor
EMEarl Marshall (British)
EMElectron Migration
EMEngineering Memorandum
EMEquivalent Men
EMEuroMARC (European Union trademark registration database)
EMWidth of Capital m (unit of measurement)
EMEastern Megalopolis
EMDepartment of Electromechanics
EMErratus Monks (gaming)
EMEngineer(ing) Manual (USACE)
EMQuantity of Structure Excavation without Shoring (Colorado Department of Transportation)
EMDepartment of Energy Office of Assistant Secretary for Environmental Management
EMEdgemoor & Manetta Railway
EMEnlisted Man/Men/Member
EMEtna and Montrose Railroad
EMQuantity of Structure Excavation with Shoring (Colorado Department of Transportation)
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According to an explanatory memorandum, the 'Bill seeks to review and increase the penalty for contravention of the offence of unlawful possession of and dealing in firearms and ammunition, including muzzle-loading firearms.
Release date- 29072019 - Richland (AIM: RLD), the Australian sapphire producer and gemstones developer, announces that, further to its announcements of 27 June 2019 and 22 July 2019, a Letter from the Company's Non-Executive Chairman (the 'Chairman's Letter'), a Notice of Annual General Meeting ('AGM') (incorporating an Explanatory Memorandum) and the associated Form of Proxy are now available to download from the Company's website at www.richlandresourcesltd.com and were posted to shareholders on Friday 26 July 2019.
However, the cost of residential homes heated by a boiler room would increase only slightly as suggested by the Ministry of Finance's explanatory memorandum. Assuming that the price of natural gas for boiler-houses does not differ from the price of natural gas for households, and provided that the price of fuel represents approximately 80% of the cost of the resulting heat from the boiler house, the price of this heat will rise by 2.4 for the proposed abolition of the exemption.
[03/July/2019] SANAA, July 3 (Saba) -- The Parliament in its meeting on Wednesday listened to an explanatory memorandum from Transport Minister on a draft amendment of some provisions and articles of the Land Transport Law No.
It is regretfully pointed out that every year at the time of the new budget, the Finance Ministry provides sets of budget documents to the PID for distribution among the media people and other interested persons which contain Budget in Brief, Explanatory Memorandum on Federal Receipts, Annual Budget Statement and Estimates of Foreign Assistance as well as Demands for Grants in English and Urdu languages.
"The draft law faces the danger of terrorist crimes that threaten the foundations that characterize the state through its long history of security and safety," the explanatory memorandum submitted by the justice minister read.
The explanatory memorandum of the proposal said that European countries require prior visas before visiting them, and that Bahraini citizens face tremendous difficulties while trying to obtain those visas.
The explanatory memorandum clarified that the reason for the law is due to the growing problem of the newly developed drugs and the rapid spread of its new psychological effects.
"The Prime Minister is not casted a no-confidence vote as a protection to his vital role that is considered a political stability factor as the explanatory memorandum of the constitution explained that the aim of such matter is ministerial stability and fulfilling achievements," he added.
The AFA rejected this statement and said that none of the ministerial media releases from 2010 and 2011 or the Explanatory Memorandum to the FoFA legislation made any reference to an expected timeframe for a decline in the volume of grandfathered commissions.
class="MsoNormalIn an explanatory memorandum accompanying his recent letter to the UN chief, Ambassador Amayo says that the issue of immunity for national leaders is of crucial concern to UN member-states.The Kenyan envoy observes that the legal obligations of UN members are derived from a variety of sources, including customary international law.
It is clear from the Welsh Government's explanatory memorandum that this Bill has been presented reluctantly, as it would still prefer to be able to rely on Westminster's EU Withdrawal Bill, but amended.