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XDExtreme Digital (flash memory card developed by FujiFilm and Olympus)
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XDExploratory Development
XDXtreme Duelists (Yugioh Clan)
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Astellas, a Japan-based multi-national pharmaceutical company, announced on Friday that it has promoted Joseph Fleishaker, PhD, FAAPS, FCP as its senior vice president and head of Clinical Pharmacology and Exploratory Development.
Fleishaker will oversee clinical pharmacology and exploratory development, which includes all clinical pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, modeling and simulation support for early as well as late-stage development programs.
Exploratory development efforts are concentrating on the processing of array output.
Since then, he has served in a number of leadership roles including, head of translational medicine; head of pharmacokinetics, dynamics, and metabolism; and head of inflammation clinical research at Pfizer, promoting efficient exploratory development programs and the use of biomarkers for early decision-making.
Astellas, a US-based pharmaceutical company, has named Joseph Fleishaker, PhD as its vice president, Clinical Pharmacology and Exploratory Development, it was reported yesterday.
M2 PHARMA-April 7, 2016-Astellas names new vice president, Clinical Pharmacology and Exploratory Development
DiaGenic is currently in late stage of exploratory development of two product candidates, AMYtect and MCItect.
Lithgow worked at Schering-Plough, including member of the Global Business Management Team, the corporation's Research Leadership Committee, the Exploratory Development Committee and Pharmaceutical Leadership Board governing bodies.
Dr David Matthews has joined the company as the VP of Drug Discovery and Exploratory Development.
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