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ECLEnhanced Chemiluminescence
ECLEcole Centrale de Lyon (French: Central School of Lyon; France)
ECLEcolab, Inc. (stock symbol)
ECLEnglish and Comparative Literature
ECLEmitter-Coupled Logic
ECLExit Control List (Pakistan)
ECLEducational Community License (open source license)
ECLEastern Coalfields Limited (India)
ECLEnvironmental Conservation Law (New York)
ECLExpert-Comptable en Ligne (French: Online Chartered Accountant)
ECLEuropean Champions League (soccer)
ECLExternal Cavity Laser
ECLEnglish Comprehension Level
ECLEnterprise Class Library
ECLEmitter Coupled Logic
ECLAssociation of European Cancer Leagues (Brussels, Belgium)
ECLEquity Credit Line (finance)
ECLExport Control List (Canada Border Services Agency)
ECLEffective Character Level (Dungeons & Dragons gaming)
ECLEast Coast Low
ECLEmbeddable Common-Lisp
ECLEastern Car Liner (Japan)
ECLEnergy Conservation Law (various locations)
ECLEspérance Calonne Liévin (French soccer club)
ECLEnterprise Control Language (computing)
ECLExecution Control List
ECLEuropean Cancer League
ECLEarly Childhood Learning (various locations)
ECLEnd of Custody Licence (UK)
ECLEuropean Community Law
ECLE-Caprolactone (chemistry)
ECLEmergency Classification Level
ECLEngine Control Lever
ECLEconomic Contract Law (China)
ECLEnterochromaffin-Like Cells
ECLElectronic Cash Letter (banking and finance)
ECLExternal Code List (National Council for Prescription Drug Programs)
ECLExpanded Content Label
ECLEquity Commitment Letter
ECLExpress Couriers Limited (New Zealand)
ECLEuropean Consortium for the Certificate of Attainment in Modern Languages
ECLEradication of Child Labor
ECLÉcole de Conduite Lexovienne (French driving school)
ECLExisting Chemicals List
ECLEuropean Cyber League
ECLEuropéenne Carrosserie Laurent (French automobile repair company)
ECLExecutive Control Language
ECLEMW Capability List (EMW = Expeditionary Maneuver Warfare)
ECLÉtanchéité Couverture Lauragaise (French roofing company)
ECLÉcole de Conduite Laumière (French driving school)
ECLEnergy Conservation Loan Program (Connecticut)
ECLEvangelism to Communist Lands
ECLEuropean Combat League (gaming)
ECLÉcole, Collège, Lycée (French: School, College, High School)
ECLEasy Compression Library (software)
ECLEsterel-C Language (project)
ECLEquipment Component List
ECLEnvironmental Chemical Laboratory
ECLEdinburgh City Libraries (Scotland, UK)
ECLEast Coast LAN (gaming organization)
ECLElectric Control Loading
ECLEffective Code Length
ECLEngine Condition Lever
ECLExecutive Command Level
ECLEuro Cable Labs
ECLEmergency Cooling Limits
ECLElectronic Communication Language
ECLEconomic Conformance Level
ECLExternal Countermeasure Launcher
ECLExtra Credit Library
ECLEquipment Control List
ECLEngineering Change Letter
ECLEcole de Cadres de Lausanne (Switzerland)
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As the Painting fell within Group V of the Canadian Cultural Property Export Control List, CRC, c 448 ('the Control List') Heffel was required to apply to the Canadian Cultural Property Export Review Board ('the Board') for an export permit under section 40 of the Cultural Property Export and Import Act ('the Act').
In addition, exports of asbestos and asbestos-containing products are now prohibited, with a limited number of exceptions, and the existing Export of Substances on the Export Control List Regulations and schedule 3 of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 were amended to reflect that.
US adds seven Pakistani companies to export control list
(f) add a new purpose for which an article may be added to an Export Control List. The enactment amends the Criminal Code to include, for interception of private communications purposes, the offence of brokering in the definition of "offence" in section 183.
It very bluntly said, "Applications to export the most sensitive items on the Export Control List will normally be denied." And it said, "Canada will also maintain a revised list of individuals and entities of most concern in relation to the risk of proliferation and to Iran's ballistic missile activities and with whom any transactions would continue to be prohibited."
On Tuesday the National Space Organisation (NSPO) announced it has developed the equipment, which is on the export control list of space powers like the United States, France and Germany.
(This will be addressed later in the article.) Nonetheless, this survey, along with numerous other studies, white papers, and articles, served to focus the spotlight on export control reform for the federal government--specifically, the drive for a single export control list, a single export licensing agency, a single information technology system, and a single export enforcement agency.
A new rule has been implemented by the Department of Commerce to update and harmonize internationally the dual-use export control list. This rule will bring the U.S.
It is listed on China's Certain Chemicals and Related Equipment and Technologies Export Control List and requires the issuance of an export license for export.
A Taiwanese government official said Friday an official probe confirmed that 108 of the transducers had been sent from Taiwan to Iran at a Chinese request, but that the equipment was not precise enough to be placed on the island's export control list.
The primary small arms category on the Export Control List broadly approximates the definition of small arms and light weapons used in the UN program of action, but some small arms and light weapons are included in other categories, and none of the categories is disaggregated sufficiently to get a clear picture of the scope of Canadian sales of what the UN defines as small arms and light weapons.
The need for an export license by virtue of the planned destination of the export and the exported item's placement on an export control list
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