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EEPEmergency Evacuation Plan
EEPEmergency Evacuation Procedures
EEPEnvironmental Education Programme (various locations)
EEPÉcole d'Economie de Paris (French: Paris School of Economics; Paris, France)
EEPEuropean Equity Partners (various locations)
EEPEffective Educational Practices (Boulder, CO)
EEPExport Enhancement Program
EEPEntrepreneurial Education Program (various locations)
EEPEndorsed Education Provider (International Institute of Business Analysis)
EEPEnergy and Environment Partnership
EEPEcosystem Enhancement Program
EEPEast of England Plan (UK)
EEPEarly Education Partnership (various locations)
EEPÉducation et Enseignement Primaire (French: Education and Primary Education; degree)
EEPEarly Entrance Program (University of Washington)
EEPErase Entire Program
EEPEssential Evidence Plus (Wiley-Blackwell)
EEPEntreprise d'Entrainement Pédagogique (French: Enterprise Training Teaching)
EEPEnergy Efficiency Plan
EEPÉlectrotechnique et Électronique de Puissance (French: Electrical and Power Electronics)
EEPEarly Exercise Premium (options trading)
EEPEnbridge Energy Partners, LP (Houston, TX)
EEPEmergency Exit Procedure
EEPEquity Enhancement Program (various organizations)
EEPEnvironmental Education Project (various locations)
EEPEastern European Property Fund, Ltd. (UK)
EEPÉtablissement pour Enfants Polyhandicapés (French: Facility for Children with Multiple Disabilities)
EEPEspaces Éthiques et Politiques (French: Spaces and Ethical Policies)
EEPEthics Education Programme (UN)
EEPEqual Error Protection
EEPEducation Enhancement Program (Egypt)
EEPEntry/Exit Point
EEPEinstein Equivalence Principle
EEPEthyl 3-Ethoxypropionate
EEPExtended Education Program (various organizations)
EEPEuropäisches Erhaltungszucht-Programm (European Endangered Species Breeding Program)
EEPElectronic Emission Policy
EEPEin Erfahrener Partner (German: An Experienced Partner)
EEPEnvironmental Emergencies Partnership
EEPEnterprise Executable Plan (US Navy)
EEPEnglish for Educational Purposes
EEPEgyptian Electric Pedal
EEPEmergency Essential Personnel
EEPElliptical Error Probable
EEPExclusive Educational Products (Canada)
EEPETOPS Entry Point
EEPÉcologie et Évolution des Parasites (French: Ecology and Evolution of Parasites)
EEPExercise Engagement Plan (US Air Force)
EEPExterior Equivalent Problem
EEPEquipment Exchange Plan
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Agricultural export enhancement programs have been targeted for cuts.
recovery from the drought and renewed political tensions in the EC undoubtedly will make the Export Enhancement Program an effective lever in future GATT negotiations".
Agricultural Exports Agricultural Export and Food Aid Programs Export Subsidies Export Enhancement Program (EEP) Dairy Export Incentive Program (DEIP) Market Development Programs Market Access Program (MAP) Foreign Market Development Program (FMDP) Export Credit Guarantees Export Credit Guarantee Programs (GSM-102 and GSM-103) Foreign Food Aid P.
Direct subsidies include the Export Enhancement Program (EEP) and the Dairy Export Incentive Program (DEIP).
For more information, see CRS Report RS20399, Agricultural Export Programs: The Export Enhancement Program (EEP).
For the two CCC-funded direct export subsidy programs, the Administration proposes $478 million for the Export Enhancement Program (EEP), the maximum permitted by current farm law and world trade obligations (although only about $1 million annually has been used in recent years), and $63 million for the Dairy Export Incentive Program (DEIP), also reflecting maximum permitted levels under trade obligations.
The distortions are of various forms, including: transition payments, disaster payment, loan deficiency payments, subsidized crop insurance, import quotas on selected products, and export enhancement programs.
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