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EXSElectronic Exchange Systems (merchant accounts and credit card processing)
EXSExpandable Switching System (Lucent)
EXSExport of Services (economics)
EXSExecuted Schedule
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By the way, the export of transport services takes the highest share in Lithuania's total export of services to Azerbaijan already.
Meanwhile, on year-on-year basis, the export of services witnessed nominal decrease of 0.
The net export of services for April- March, 2016-17 was estimated at US$ 65214 million which is lower than net export of services of US$ 69419million during April- March, 2015-16.
Another tax expert Asif Kasbati proposed that in order to promote, encourage and incentivise export of services, the income from export of all types of services should be exempted in line with IT enabled services.
He said the revenues out of export of services should be doubled.
The Indenters services are for foreign suppliers so it is export of services and by law export is exempted from sales tax.
Prime Minister calls for mapping of human resources and making India ahub for export of services
In the annual report by the Costa Rican Foreign Trade Promotion Office (PROCOMER) it is estimated that the export of services will end the year at $5.
In the past, these systems were not seen as export products, and we are also investing in the export of services.
property industry is the most sophisticated in the world, and the Commerce Department actively promotes the export of services, including real estate services," Feldhaus added.
for the export of services (collection) of non-hazardous waste; for the export of services (collection) of non-hazardous waste; for the export of services (collection) of non-hazardous waste
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