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Since the positive controls failed to increase the insulin secretion in the first exposure scenario, a concomitant exposure scenario was also tested, where INS-1E cells were exposed to chemicals and glucose concomitantly for 2 h.
Thus, Jane's exposure scenario protects her from the hazards of a post-nuclear environment because it also sets the terms for what those hazards can be.
We then used these chemical emissions to calculate the direct exposure to users and the indirect (passive) exposure to non-users, with usage and exposure assumptions selected to produce worst-case exposure scenarios. For both the direct and indirect exposures, we calculated the hazard quotients as the ratio of the calculated exposures to both cancer and non-cancer health exposure guidelines.
Following the selection of studies, different traffic exposure scenarios (e.g., <50 m or <75 m from a major road or highway) were considered (see Table 1).
In contrast, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has the overarching responsibility for the safety and health of nonmilitary personnel (including first responders and personnel involved in manufacturing) in occupational and workplace exposure scenarios. General requirements for occupational safety and health standards are covered in Part 1910 (Occupational Safety and Health Standards), Title 29 (Labor), Code of Federal Regulations (CFR).13 Section 1910.134 (Respiratory Protection), Subpart I (Personal Protective Equipment), covers standards for PPE--including when and how PPE is used.
For this hypothetical exposure scenario, an adult male emergency worker works nine consecutive 10-h work shifts with successively estimated (based on personal dosimeter readings), bone marrow equivalent doses of 20, 18, 25, 16, 28, 18, 22, 24, and 20 mSv (total = 191 mSv).
Information collected includes patient and caller demographics, exposure scenario, symptoms / signs of clinical toxicity, treatment, and medical outcome.
The source scenario where all the contaminants are generated by the occupants and their activities (used for exposure scenario E) represents the limiting case where all emissions are from the occupants and their activities as they move throughout the house during the course of the day.
The 2006 state health study found the Red Rock dust was a potential hazard for adults, teenagers and children - based on a worst-case, long-term exposure scenario. "As it's kicked up, we all inhale or swallow a little bit," said Sujata Joshi, a state epidemiologist.
Although one route and medium of exposure may predominate in a given exposure scenario (oral for environmental exposure, inhalation for occupational), the contributions to internal dose are generally from more than one route and medium.
Risk estimates assigned to each exposure scenario were based on those of Pruss et al., (9) who used large surveys and reviews of multi-country studies to derive risk averages--the average risk related to the described scenarios across the world and in an array of situations (Table III).