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EXPRExpression (computing)
EXPRExpression Support
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tr]: the total used capacity in overtime work of resource r in phase t, expr.
9) I is an initialization function such that I: P [right arrow] Expr and [for all]p [member of] P: [Type(I(p))) = C[(p).
1992, "Selective and visual Search: Revision of an allocation model and application to age differences," J of Expr.
On the basis of their amino acid sequence eight classes of mammalian GSTs (namely GST alpha, mu, pi, theta, sigma, zeta, kappa, and omega) have been identified whose expr ession is both tissue- and species-specific (Ketterer, 2001).
Skepticism surrounding the results of Kazakhstan's recent parliamentary elections echoes concerns expr.
For example, they could create a function PSEUDO_NUMBER (Char_Expr, Fmt) that returns 'TRUE' if and only if Char Expr is a string that could result from Oracle's function TO_CHAR (Number_Expr, Fmt) ,where Fret is a string that specifies a recognised number format.
From our art galleries to our museums, our musical heritage to our literary history, many outsiders expr essed surprise that the city had so much to offer which they may not have been awareof.
The Papillion was certainly one of the best expr sions of dry Chenin Blanc, from its home in Franc Loire Valley.
2] denote attribute lists; a is an aggregate function; and expr is an expression (explained below).
It is assumed that the intermediate representation provides the object types Proc, Block, Strut, and Expr, as well as the directed relations Blocks, Struts, and Exprs.