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EXPRExpression (computing)
EXPRExpression Support
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(WY3Y5) Inputs (X) Student teacher ratio (STR) 17.20 2.69 Student support staff ratio (SSTR) 95.61 35.17 Average contract salary for teachers ($) (TSAL) 107,769 9507 Average contract salary for support staff ($) 75,873 20,836 (SSAL) Teaching experience (Years) (EXPR) 15.98 4.57 Student enrolment (FTE) (ENROL) 332 188 Total expenditure per student ($) (TEXPND) 10,175 2737 Socio-economic Variables (Z) Enrolled in English as a second language (%) 23.83 27.43 (ESL) Aboriginal students (%) (ABOR) 6.56 10.04 Special education students (%) (SPLED) 4.34 4.52 Parental socio-economic index (ICSEA) 1005 92 Secondary Schools (Observations = 1113) Output (Y) Weighted Composite Score for 7th 553 44.23 and 9th Gr.
t P > t yearsch 0.0690 0.0219 3.1600 0.0020 expr 0.0245 0.0179 1.3700 0.1740 expr2 -0.0003 0.0004 -0.9000 0.3680 cons 5.2690 0.3148 16.7400 0.0000 TABLE A2 Mincer Returns: Nonagriculture Robust logwage Coef.
Table 15--Hypothesis Tests of Model 2 Hypothesis Estimate PROC ORG [left arrow] CUST11 H1.1b 0.063 PROC ORG [left arrow] SUPP11 H1.2b 0.022 PROC ORG [left arrow] COMPET11 H1.3b 0.038 PROC ORG [left arrow] UNIVER11 H1.4b 0.060 PROC ORG [left arrow] ABS H1.5b -0.012 CUST11 [left arrow] EXPR EXPT H1.6b 0.595 SUPP11 [left arrow] EXPR EXPT H1.7b 0.843 UNIVER11 [left arrow] EXPR EXPT H1.8b 0.215 T P-Value PROC ORG [left arrow] CUST11 2.858 0.004 PROC ORG [left arrow] SUPP11 1.136 0.256 PROC ORG [left arrow] COMPET11 2.549 0.011 PROC ORG [left arrow] UNIVER11 2.827 0.005 PROC ORG [left arrow] ABS -2.008 0.045 CUST11 [left arrow] EXPR EXPT 1.337 0.181 SUPP11 [left arrow] EXPR EXPT 3.384 (*) UNIVER11 [left arrow] EXPR EXPT 0.882 0.378 (*) p-value < 0.001 Source: Prepared by the authors.
Nest[f, expr, n] gives an expression with f applied n times to expr.
| Rajdhani Expr ess will skip an engagement at Aintree tomorrow to wait for Sunday's Peterborough Chase.
The following variables are used: growth, annual percentage growth rate of GDP; debt, annual total debt percentage of GDP; deficit, annual total government deficit percentage of GDP; invest, total investments as a percentage of GDP; popul, annual population growth rate; Expr, annual exports as a percentage of GDP; impr, annual imports as a percentage of GDP; opens, annual sum of exports and imports out of total GDP; infl, annual inflation rate (annual percentages); intr, real interest rate (annual percentages); gov, size of the government sector (government spending as a percentage of GDP); and gcfor, gross capital formation as annual exports as a percentage of GDP.
[OAC.sub.tr]: the capacity in overtime works of resource r available in phase t; expr. in time;
requirement-declaration::= invariant | transition-requirement invariant::= expr transition-requirement::= pre-condition ":" event":" (post-condition | (action ("," | action)*) |(post-condition '"'(action ("," | action)*))) In models [M.sub.1] and [M.sub.2], states ready and over, respectively, represent states in which timer [T.sub.i] is ready and counted over.
Table 1: Comparison results for Levinson and Burg algorithms on JAFFE database Expr Neu.
join St H Ne Eam expr gamH some won' least o club is tech more than Hood has also joined his Hull KR and St Helens counterparts, Neil Hudgell and Eamonn McManus, to express fears about the game's finances.