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Jeff Thompson, Director of Sales for Florida Express Jet, commented: "This service pattern will now give Floridians an opportunity to save precious time travelling throughout the state of Florida without having to visit Atlanta Hartsfield Airport for a connecting flight or driving for up to six to eight hours.
The original Global Express jet paved the way for the Global aircraft family we know today, which includes the Global 5000, Global Express XRS, and upcoming Global 7000 and Global 8000 jets.
An Air India Express jet was landing just outside the port city of Mangalore on India's southwest coast when it burst into flames on Saturday.
Authorities in South Africa claim billionaire entrepreneur King put the Global Express jet up for sale to get assets out of the country without paying tax.
In the Indian Ocean, three Australian and two Japanese P-3 Orions, a US Navy P-8 Poseidon and a civilian Bombardier Global Express jet, were searching the 23,000 square km (8,900 sq mile) zone, Australian and Malaysian authorities said.
Traffic and capacity results for August 2007 have been announced by ExpressJet Holdings (NYSE:XJT) for its Express Jet Airlines subsidiary, including statistics for contract and branded operations.
The dynamic duo broke the news at Shannon Airport before zooming off on a Virgin Express jet for lunch and a game of golf.
The US Airways Express jet crashed at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport, North Carolina, shortly after takeoff on 8 January.
For Eugene travelers, the main change will come on the San Francisco flight, which will be downsized from a United Airlines Boeing 737 to a 50-seat United Express jet operated by Skywest Airlines.