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XCHExtended Channel
XCHChristmas Island (airport code)
XCHExtra Wide Cleaning Head (wide web material)
XCHX-Linked Constitutive Heterochromatin (biomedicine)
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The extended channel matrix [H.bar] of size [N.sub.r] x ([N.sub.r] + [N.sub.t]) for DB-MMSE-TH precoding scheme is defined as,
We are confident of making tremendous justice to this partnership through our strong local base and extended channel networks in the region."
From Figure 5, it can be seen that the currents increasingly expanded to the extended channel area as the channel length increased.
The field contribution due to the decrement in charge at the upper end is similar to the third component in Equation (2) but with modifications for the source height and the extended channel length.
Applying like in [8] the MMSE detector criteria, let us denote the extended channel matrix H and the extended vector of received symbols u by
By telecasting the one hour extended Channel 4 video show organized by the Amnesty International, a non-profit organization, claimed to be advocating human rights, the West had their cruel fun over the miseries of the Sri Lankan Tamils in particular and Sri Lankans in general.
As we gear up for 2011, while we have Taproot on board for other Asian markets, we are looking at adding a new creative partner to focus completely on the extended channel functions in the Indian market."
The company said its television service includes local and basic cable network channels, a premium or extended channel package and individual add on channel packages.
It allows for the use of a channel assignment message (CAM) or an extended channel assignment message (ECAM).
The Internet has an ever increasing number of businesses choosing the web as a viable business channel raising the challenge of data standardisation in order that that information can be easily accessed by both customers, and the extended channel. With more than 2,000 separate standards from technology-specific and chosen industry standards, ensuring that business selects the right one is proving the final hurdle to an integrated global e-commerce marketplace.
The proposition of an extended channel has its challenges as well.
While some extended channel organizations (resellers, charities) move goods on for reuse, others (waste haulers, landfillers) move goods that are trashed.
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