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EMQEastfield Ming Quong (California children and family services)
EMQEvangelical Missions Quarterly
EMQExtended Matching Question
EMQÉquipe Mobile Qualité (French: Quality Mobile Team)
EMQExtending Matching Questions
EMQEconomic Manufacturing Quality
EMQElectromagnetic Quadrupole
EMQElectromagnetic Quiet
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Meant to help final-year medical students prepare for exams in the UK, this volume presents multiple choice and extended matching questions and case studies on general surgery, as well as ear, nose, and throat, orthopedics, and urology surgery.
Specifically, all questions are either single-best-answer multiple-choice items or extended matching questions. Thankfully absent are negative A-type questions ("All of the following are true except ...").
It contains test-taking techniques and examples and explained answers for all parts of the exam, consisting of extended matching questions, essays, multiple-choice questions (for perinatal medicine, gynecology oncology, reproductive medicine, and medical and surgical gynecology), and oral assessment stations.
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