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EVDEbola Virus Disease
EVDEvent Dispatcher
EVDExternal Visual Display
EVDEnhanced Versatile Disc
EVDEbola Virus Detection
EVDElectronic Voucher Distribution (software)
EVDEigenvalue Decomposition
EVDExternal Ventricular Drain
EVDElectrochemical Vapor Deposition
EVDExtended Voluntary Departure (US immigration)
EVDExtraits Végétaux et Dérivés (French: Plant Extracts and Derivatives)
EVDEmergency Vehicle Driver
EVDEnhanced Voice Directory (Genie)
EVDEspaces Verts du Dauphiné (French: Green Spaces of Dauphine; Dauphine, France)
EVDEnglish Version for the Deaf (bible translation)
EVDEngine Valve Driver
EVDEnhanced Vendor Delivery
EVDEarly Version Demonstrations
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These actions, when applied to all noncitizens present in the U.S., are a form of relief called Extended Voluntary Departure (EVD).
One way to do that would have been to offer spouses and children a type of limbo status called "extended voluntary departure," a neither-here-nor-there arrangement that forestalls deportation proceedings.
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