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XPExperience (Microsoft Windows XP)
XPMicrosoft Windows XP (operating system)
XPExtreme Programming
XPExperience Points
XPExpansion Pack
XPExtreme Performance (AMD Athlon processor)
XPExtra Performance (AMD Athlon XP+)
XPExtended Stored Procedure (Microsoft SQL Server)
XPXeon Processor (Windows)
XPExplosion Proof
XPExperian (credit reporting agency)
XPChristus (Latin: Christ, epigraphy)
XPXeroderma Pigmentosum
XPExtended Play
XPCrosspoint (FidoNet Point software)
XPPlans and Programs (USAF)
XPChi Rho (Christian youth organization)
XPExtended Platform
XPExperimental Prototype
XPCross Polarization
XPXanthogranulomatous Pyelonephritis
XPXtreme Prejudice (gaming clan)
XPXimoko Party (South Africa)
XPSymbol or monogram for Christ or Christianity (from X and P, the first two letters of the Greek word for Christ)
XPXtreme Paramilitary (gaming clan)
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Sean Dampte's success continues to get the approval of the British and Nigerian media, with reputable Music Mogul, Ron Tonkins of ConcertHouse Music describing Sean Dampte's Debut Extended Play (EP) 'The Awoodah Begins' as 10/10 for the fans.
The group from Southern California released an extended play album 'Outgrown Things' in 2016 that has become much sought-after and a crowd favorite.
My man Mel Donnelan aka Nitetales continues his new venture at IRO upstairs in Opium Dublin tonight as he presents Nitetales + 1 , featuring Extended Play's Quinton Campbell tonight.
By: Egypt Today staff CAIRO -- 14 August 2017: In the wake of his recently released EP (Extended Play record) Dichotomy and the end of a six week concert in Europe, 28-year-old Saudi-Turkish DJ Omar Basaad is on fire.
With a new, modern amenity block complete with underfloor heating, there is also an extended play area.
IThey dominated the music industry for decades with seven and 12 inch singles, extended play records with four or six tracks and LPs, those long playing albums that came in sleeves big enough to become art works in their own right.
The exclusive range includes a Multimedia Bluetooth speaker with a 4000 mah power bank that offers extended play time.
This will include an improved and extended play site, refurbished tennis courts, new multi-use games area, and restoration of historic features including the bandstand, pavilion and Duffy memorial fountain.
But you might not be expecting Gary Glitter, who I seem to have heard on more US soundtracks than any other British artist, getting an extended play of Do You Wanna Touch Me?
EXTENDED PLAY: Coleen with her new look and, above, the old style hair PAPHOTO
Headteachers said many of the children were unable to listen or engage in extended play and were unprepared for learning by the time they started primary school.
Combo of archival and first-person view of where the happily anarchic company is at today, should attract anyone interested in experimental theater, and will get extended play on politico fest circuit, too.
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