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E-REVExtended-Range Electric Vehicle
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To get around the range limitation, some makers are sticking with traditional hybrids or exploring other options, such as the extended-range electric vehicle. Along with the Auris concept hybrid, Toyota used the Frankfurt show to unveil the Li-ion-powered Prius plug-in, which can be charged up from a regular wall socket and driven up to 12 miles solely on battery power.
The SUV, which the company calls an E-REV, or extended-range electric vehicle, uses a drive system developed by Raser in cooperation with FEV Inc.
The other new AUTOBOTA, JOLT, appears in the production form of Chevrolet's Volt extended-range electric vehicle. With the capability of up to 60 km of pure electric propulsion, plus hundreds of more kilometers with the assistance from its Voltec powertrain system, the real-life Volt will change driving in Europe.
The full-size SUV is a four-wheel drive Extended-Range Electric Vehicle (E-REV) designed to achieve more than 100 mpg in typical local daily driving with near zero emissions by driving up to 40 miles per day in all-electric mode.
For the E-Hummer's guts, Raser tapped its plug-in hybrid E-REV (Extended-Range Electric Vehicle).
unveiled Monday a new plug-in hybrid extended-range electric vehicle technology able to transform a variety of full-sized SUV's including the Hummer, and light trucks into some of the cleanest vehicles.
market, beating many established companies in offering an extended-range electric vehicle.
The Chevrolet Volt is leading a new era of electrification of the automobile by creating a new class of vehicle known as the Extended-Range Electric Vehicle.
Holding forth during a Volt Nation town hall meeting at the show (which can be seen on You Tube) Lutz told anyone who would listen that GM's current management has learned that "boldness in creativity wins; cautiousness loses." Championing the extended-range electric vehicle Volt, which is expected to be out in two years, Lutz predicts GM will be pumping out a new hybrid/electric every four months once the Volt gets rolling.
The announcement states, 'Additional products featuring HEV, PHEV and extended-range electric vehicle (EREV) powertrains are on the way from Buick to provide diverse intelligent solutions for green mobility.'
European Car of the Year for 2012, the Ampera is a full-performance Extended-Range Electric Vehicle, which can travel free of tailpipe emissions for up to 50 miles, after which it shifts to a petrol generator that produces electricity to keep it going an additional 310 miles on a full tank of petrol.
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