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EOSEarth Observing System
EOSEnd of Service (various companies)
EOSEnd of Sale
EOSEnterprise Orchestration Service (Arista)
EOSEvolution of Smooth (cosmetics)
EOSEquation(s) Of State
EOSEstablishment of Services
EOSEnd of Support
EOSExhibition of Sound (electronic act)
EOSEarth and Ocean Sciences (various organizations)
EOSEnterprise Open Source (software)
EOSEquations of State
EOSElectronic Over-Stress
EOSEuropean Optical Society
EOSElectrical Overstress
EOSEnd Of Screen
EOSEntrepreneurial Operating System (Livonia, MI)
EOSElement of Suprise
EOSEnd of Season
EOSEthernet Over SONET (Synchronous Optical Network)
EOSElectro-Optical System (Canon Cameras)
EOSEconomies of Scale
EOSEnd of Story
EOSExtension of Stay (various organizations)
EOSEnd Of String
EOSEthernet over Sonet
EOSEthernet over Sdh
EOSEducational Online Sources
EOSEnd of Statement
EOSElectrical over Stress
EOSEnd of Segment
EOSEnterprise Open Source
EOSEnd of Service
EOSElectronic Output Switch
EOSEnd of Stream
EOSElectro Optical System
EOSEnterprise Operating System (software)
EOSEarth Observation Satellite
EOSEdge of Sanity (band)
EOSEmployee Opinion Survey
EOSEnd of Sequence
EOSEnemy Of the State
EOSExtended Operating System
EOSEnd of Session
EOSEnd of Study
EOSErweiterte Oberschule (extended high school; Germany)
EOSEnd of Show (IRC)
EOSEgyptian Organization for Standardization and Quality Control
EOSEconomic Operator System (EU)
EOSElectronic Order System
EOSÉconomie, Organisations, Société (French: Economics, Organizations, Society)
EOSEquation Operating System
EOSElectro-Optic Sampling
EOSElectronic Office Supplies
EOSEnd of Shift
EOSElectro-Optical Sensor
EOSEmergency Operations Software
EOSEnd Of Selection
EOSExplorers of Sky (game)
EOSEgyptian Orthodontic Society
EOSEarth Orbiting System
EOSEnglish for Office Skills
EOSEconomic Opportunity Studies, Inc. (Washington, DC)
EOSEnhanced Operating System
EOSElectrophoresis Operations in Space
EOSEnd of Set
EOSEquivalent Opening Size (geotextile fabrics)
EOSEducational Opportunity Service (ACT, Inc.)
EOSEmergency Oxygen System
EOSEater of Souls (gaming)
EOSElectro-Optical Systems, Inc.
EOSEstimate of the Situation
EOSÉcole Ouvrière Supérieure (French; graduate school; Brussels, Belgium)
EOSEarly-Onset Sarcoidosis
EOSEnclosed Operating Station
EOSEarth Orbit Shuttle
EOSEngineering Operating Station
EOSExecutive & Operating System
EOSExtended Ownership Security
EOSEstablishment of Cohesion
EOSEnd Of Sweep
EOSExxon Office Systems
EOSEquipment Out of Service
EOSEmergency Oil System
EOSEnvironmental Outreach & Stewardship
EOSEagles of Serbia (virtual flight squadron)
EOSElectronic Online Services
EOSEligible for Overseas
EOSExecutive Off-Site
EOSEmergency Operations Staff
EOSEBO(Effects-Based Operations) Synchronizer (US DoD)
EOSEarth Observing Station
EOSEmployed Operational State
EOSExtended Operation System
EOSEvolutionary Object Store
EOSExtended Observation Service (healthcare)
EOSExtended Output System
EOSEquipment Only Support
EOSEngine Order System
EOSEpidemiological Outbreak Surveillance
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However, Radio Free Asia quoted a Taiwanese lawyer as saying that the demonstrators' application for extension of stay in Taiwan would be technically difficult, because they had neither been arrested nor prosecuted by the Hong Kong police.
ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan has decided to open an escrow account in a European bank for depositing $50 million in partial security while seeking extension of stay in enforcement of the international court decision on a case filed by Karkey rental power producer.
'I am convinced that the Angkor Wildlife Park and Aquarium project led by Meng Hieng, a Cambodian entrepreneur, will be a success and potentially add value to the extension of stay for tourists in Siem Reap, Angkor, its surrounding areas, and the whole country,' he said.
Upon satisfying the competent authorities about the genuineness of the reason for extension of stay, they can get up to one-year temporary residence permit," the Turkish embassy official said.
'Persons currently holding such status, however, will be affected by this notice should they seek an extension of stay in H-2 classification, or a change of status from one H-2 status to another', DHS notice added.
'Persons currently holding such status, however, will be affected by this notice should they seek an extension of stay in H-2 classification, or a change of status from H-2 classification, or a change of status from one H-2 status to another,' DHS said.
Nominated Member of Parliament Geoffrey Osotsi has filed an application seeking to stop the extension of stay orders that allowed Barack Muluka to continue serving as ANC secretary general.
According to BI spokesperson Maria Antonette Mangrobang all of the BI's field, satellite and extension offices nationwide accept and process applications for extension of stay from foreign tourists who wish to prolong their sojourn in the country.
Under this system, a person can get a two-year extension of stay by paying tuition.
An Indian Embassy official personally visited the General Directorate of Nationality, Passports and Residence Authority to get the men an extension of stay, to help them exit the country, said social worker K R Nair.
It is worth-mentioning here that Deputy Commissioner Captain A(r) Mushtaq Ahmed Khan had sent summer of extension to ministry of interior and it has issued notification of extension of stay of Army, rangers and Gilgit Baltistan Scouts.