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Mr Kihoro and his daughter Mugure Wanyiri were granted 14 days to seek an extension of time, failing which the matter, which was filed in September 2009, six years after the Busia plane accident, will stand struck out.The former MP's spouse Wanjiru Kihoro succumbed to her injuries after being in a coma for three years and nine months.
Satumari and PDP brought an application before the tribunal seeking for extension of time to file list of additional witnesses on oath.
If you want an automatic six-month extension of time to file the return, file Form 7004 and deposit what you estimate that you owe.
Thaver said extension of time is needed by both the filers and the income tax practitioners and it is sincerely hoped that the FBR will extend time in the best interest of justice to accommodate all willing to file their returns.
Raja Amjad Ali Khan, the counsel for the petitioners, contended that the high court order was 'without jurisdiction' delivered on an application for extension of time and not on any 'competently filed case.'
Fiscal depute Fiona Holligan agreed to the defence's request for an extension of time.
The joint committee's motion regarding extension of time could not be moved on December 15 "as the House was adjourned after making obituary references.
However, an extension of time to file generally should be considered for every taxpayer and for every tax period for which an extension is available, regardless of whether the taxpayer intends to fde on or before the original due date of the relevant income tax return.
LAHORE -- President Supreme Court Bar Association of Pakistan (SCBAP) Syed Ali Zafar has called upon the federal government and Sindh government to immediately grant the extension of time in the special policing powers to the Rangers in Sindh.
Order, Supreme Court, New York County (Saliann Scarpulla, J.), entered on or about May 8, 2013, which denied plaintiffs' motion for a default judgment and granted defendants' cross motion for an extension of time to interpose an answer, unanimously affirmed, without costs.
The appeal clock was already running, but Satkar let the deadline pass, waiting until after the next status conference to move for an extension of time and blaming its own neglect on confusion supposedly created by the judge."
"We are not persuaded that there is an arguable case to show that the convictions are unsafe or that there are good grounds for granting the lengthy extension of time that he seeks.