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EDLEnglish Defence League (est. 2009; UK)
EDLEuropean Day of Languages (EU)
EDLÉtat des Lieux (French housing inspections)
EDLEdit Decision List (video production)
EDLElectronic Differential Lock (automotive)
EDLEntreprise et Développement Local (French: Enterprise and Local Development)
EDLEnhanced Driver's License (driver's license and border-crossing identification)
EDLÉtudes de Lettres (French: Studies of Letters; Switzerland)
EDLExtensor Digitorum Longus
EDLElectronic Document Library
EDLEnglish Disco Lovers (internet movement; UK)
EDLÉcole du Louvre (French school)
EDLEuropean Digital Library (project; EU)
EDLElectronic Differential Locks
EDLEdit Decision List
EDLEngineering Data Library
EDLExchange Data Link
EDLEntity Definition Language
EDLÉditions de Lodi (French publisher)
EDLEvery Day Life (band)
EDLElectricite du Laos (Vientiane, Laos)
EDLElectron Device Letters (IEEE journal)
EDLEssential Drugs List
EDLÉquipe de Développement Local (French: Local Development Team)
EDLÉquations Différentielles Linéaires (French: Linear Differential Equations)
EDLÉlectricité du Liban
EDLEthernet Data Link
EDLEMC Disk Library
EDLEngineering Design Laboratory (various organizations)
EDLEntry Descent Landing (NASA)
EDLEthnomathematics Digital Library (Pacific Resources for Education and Learning)
EDLEthiopian Democratic League (political group)
EDLEvent Definition Language
EDLEstimated Detection Limit
EDLEvent Driven Language
EDLEmissaries of Divine Light
EDLEntitlements Destroy Lives (website)
EDLElectronic Discussion List
EDLEnvironmental Disposal Liability
EDLEmail Distribution List (various organizations)
EDLEducational Development Laboratories
EDLEquipment Density List
EDLEngineering Development Lab
EDLEnterprise Definition Language
EDLEngineering Data List
EDLEquivalent Double Layer
EDLEconomic Discard Limit
EDLElectronic Defense Laboratories
EDLEngineering Design Lab (various universities)
EDLElectrical Discharge Laser
EDLElectronic Delay Line
EDLElectronic Driver License Project
EDLEngineering Drawing List
EDLEnd Degrading Link
EDLEngineering Document Library
EDLExpected Description Length (coding scheme)
EDLElectricité de Laufenbourg (French; electricity company; Laufenburg, Switzerland)
EDLEquipment Deficiency Logs
EDLEconomic Disposal Limit
EDLEssential Drawing List
EDLEnhanced Data Link
EDLExotic Disease Laboratory
EDLEuropean Distribution Lawyers (Spezialanwälte für Vertragshändlerrecht)
EDLEnigma Development Language
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Time-course of body mass (A), changes of body mass (B), soleus muscle mass (C), extensor digitorum longus (EDL) muscle mass (D), EDL fiber cross-sectional area (CSA) and corresponding microphotograph (E), rotarod test performance pre- and post-RET protocol (F), and ambulation test performance pre- and post-RET protocol (G) for control, fasting and fasting + RET experimental groups.
Caption: Figure 1: Peroneus tertius and extensor digitorum longus. EDL: extensor digitorum longus; PT: peroneus tertius.
The expression levels of p-ERK (A), p-p-38 (B), p-JNK (C) proteins in the extensor digitorum longus (EDL) and soleus (SOL) muscles.
Myosin heavy chain isoform composition and [Ca.sup.2+] transients in fibres from enzymatically dissociated murine soleus and extensor digitorum longus muscles.
The soleus and extensor digitorum longus (EDL), which are typical muscle types, are mainly composed of type I fibers and type Ilb fibers, respectively (Henriksen et al.
Active Release Technique[R] was provided to the anterior tibialis, extensor hallicus longus, extensor digitorum longus, extensor retinaculum, flexor hallucis longus, tibialis posterior, flexor digitorum longus, and achilles tendon.
For 22 mice (5 control, 8 acute, and 9 trained), the soleus and extensor digitorum longus (EDL) muscles were extracted, rinsed with cold distilled water (d[H.sub.2]O), homogenized in 20 mM Tris-HCl buffer (pH 7.4), and reacted with 5,5'-dithiobis-2-nitrobenzoic acid (DTNB) at room temperature.
Table 1: Flexors and extensors of hand Common flexors Common extensors Flexor carpi radialis Extensor digitorum longus Flexor digitorum superficial Extensor indicis Flexor digitorum profundus Extensor digiti minimi Flexor carpi ulnaris Extensor carpi radialis longus Extensor carpi radialis brevis Extensor pollicis longus (EPL) Extensor pollicis brevis (EPB)
En la base dorsal de la falange distal se inserta el tendon del Extensor Digitorum Longus y en la base plantar de esta falange se inserta el tendon del Flexor Digitorum Longus.
Tenosynovitis is more common than tears in the anterior tendons, including the extensor digitorum longus (EDL) (Figure 15) and the extensor hallucis longus (EHL) tendons.
The mass was identified at the midtibial level, interposed between the tibialis anterior and extensor digitorum longus muscles.
The superficial dorsal veins, first dorsal metacarpal artery, and extensor digitorum longus were dissected on the dorsal side.
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