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EODExplosive Ordnance Disposal
EODEnd Of Day
EODEnd of Development (software)
EODEarly Onset Dementia
EODEnd Of Data
EODEnterprise on Demand
EODEverything on Demand
EODEditing on Disk
EODEnd of Document
EODEve of Destruction (computer game)
EODEntertainment on Demand (cable TV feature)
EODEvent of Default
EODEnd Of Discussion
EODEvery Other Day
EODElectric Organ Discharge
EODEuropean Opera Days
EODExtent of Disease
EODEntry On Duty
EODExplosive Ordnance Detachment
EODExpression of Dissatisfaction (UK)
EODEngineer on a Disk
EODEntrance on Duty
EODExplosive Ordnance Demolition
EODExplosive Ordnance Device (less common)
EODEqual Opportunity Division
EODExtent of Damage (insurance)
EODEverything-On-Demand (services)
EODExplosive Ordnance Detection
EODEnter On Duty
EODEmployee and Organizational Development (human resources)
EODEnglish Opens Doors (Chile)
EODElite Operations Division (game)
EODEnd of Discharge
EODEmperors of Darkside (forum)
EODEnd of Dialing
EODEsoteric Order of Dagon (Cthulhu Mythos)
EODEnd of Diatribe
EODEcologic Oriented Development (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
EODElectro Optic Director (weapons)
EODEnd-Organ Damage
EODErasable Optical Disc
EODEnvyus or Die (gaming)
EODEngineering Operations Division
EODEstablished Onset of Disability
EODEnergy on Detector
EODEngine Object Damage
EODEquivalent Other Duty
EODEntering Office Date
EODEnterprise Operations Directorate
EODExceed on Demand (client)
EODEveryone's Divorced
EODDate of Entering Officer (US Navy)
EODExplosive Ordnance Depot/Disposal
EODEmergency Order of Detention (psychiatry directive)
EODEmployee on Duty
EODEnvironment of Deposition
EODEthernet Over DOCSIS
EODÉquipe de Déminage (French: Demining Team; NATO)
EODExaminations On Demand
EODEmail of Death (Graduate Entry Medicine notice; Australia)
EODExport on Demand System (trade)
EODElectro-Optical Disk
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The most common indication for MRI was to determine the extent of disease (43%; 66 of 152), followed by screening of high-risk women (39%; 59 of 152), which included those with a strong family history or carriers of BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutations or other rare gene mutations that increased breast cancer risk.
Extent of disease on endoscopy was noted at the time of diagnosis.
The secondary outcome assessing the extent of disease at progression was analyzed using logistic regression models, adjusting for the same variables described for the Cox proportional hazard models.
Methodology: Between Decemebr 2010 and January 2013 thirty patients with clinical suspicion of peri-anal fistulae had MRI scans done for evaluation of extent of disease.
Even then, it may be difficult to evaluate accurately the degree and extent of disease in most patients, given the patchy distribution of the infiltrates.
The findings also demonstrated that Prolaris is more predictive of mortality compared with Gleason score, PSA, age, clinical stage or extent of disease individually and nearly doubles the total predictive results when they are used together.
CT demonstrates the extent of disease, significant anatomical variations that may predispose to rhinosinusitis and the nearby vital structures so that iatrogenic damage can be avoided.
Clinical stage refers to the extent of disease determined by diagnostic tests following a single diagnostic biopsy.
Canine demodicosis is classified as localized (CLD) or generalized (CGD) according to extent of disease, as course and prognosis two types of demodicosis are vastly different.
CT is pivotal in tumour staging, demonstrating local extent of disease, pelvic lymph node involvement and systemic metastastic spread, commonly to lung, liver, brain or bone.
At the paediatric oncology unit a workup was done to determine the extent of disease.
It said the publicity around ash dieback has highlighted the problem and potential danger of further pathogens entering the UK, and it is vital the Government continues to assess the extent of disease spread and supports landowners and managers.