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EAMEnterprise Asset Management
EAMEuropean Academy of Management (conference)
EAMEnergy and Management
EAMEast Asian Miracle (rapid economic growth)
EAMÉcole d'Arts Martiaux (French: School of Martial Arts; Belgium)
EAMEnterprise Architecture Management (IBM)
EAMEmbedded Atom Method
EAMEcosystem Approach to Management (various organizations)
EAMEngineering Asset Management
EAMElmhurst Art Museum (Illinois)
EAMÉducation aux Médias (French: Media Literacy)
EAMEastern Arc Mountains (forests)
EAMExecutive Account Manager
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EAMEnterprise Account Manager
EAMEmergency Action Message
EAMExecutive Asset Management
EAMEnterprise Application Management
EAMEnterprise Access Management
EAMÉcole d'Administration Militaire (French: School of Military Administration)
EAMÉcole d'Apprentissage Maritime (French: Maritime School of Learning)
EAMEpilithic Algal Matrix (coral reefs)
EAMEnterprise Architecture Maturity (software)
EAMExternal Auditory Meatus (ear anatomy)
EAMEmbedded-Atom Model
EAMExtranet Access Management
EAMElectronic Accounting Machine
EAMEndpoint Access Manager (software)
EAMEntreprise Abbevilloise de Miroiterie (French mirror company)
EAMEntreprise Artisanale Marco (French: Marco Craft Company)
EAMEnfance Actions Madagascar (French: Childhood Action Madagascar)
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EAMEnhanced Accounting Management (Sprint - 3g)
EAMÉtampes Aéro Maintenance (French aircraft repair)
EAMEudaimonia Asset Management (est. 2007; California)
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EAMElectrical Accounting Machine
EAMElectric Accounting Machine
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A 28-year-old female Congo African grey parrot (Psittacus erithacus erithacus) was presented to the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital (VMTH) at the University of California, Davis, for scratching the left side of its face, a mass in the left external auditory meatus, and cessation of vocalization.
In urban areas, patients of this age group worked in busy market areas where the chances of dust and dirt entering the external auditory meatus and subsequent scratching and trauma.
Post-traumatic cholesteatoma of the external auditory meatus: 2 case reports.
The same participants then returned to the study room and were given written instructions stating: "keep ventricular drain open at 10 cm of water" with "use external auditory meatus as the zero point" as added instructions.
Related to these problems is the potentially serious hazard to those prescribed behind-the-ear or intra-canal hearing aids of impaction of a hearing-aid button battery in the external auditory meatus.
Among them otitis externa is inflammation of epithelium of horizontal and vertical ear canals and surrounding structures like external auditory meatus and pinna (Fossum, 2013).
Computed tomography (CT) was performed, which showed a high and lateralized right jugular bulb that had a superolaterally pointing diverticulum that bulged into the lower mesotympanum and posterior external auditory meatus (figure 2).
For the swelling five points on face were selected; lateral canthus of the eye, corner of the mouth, bony prominence on the chin, external auditory meatus and angle of the mandible.
Otoscopy detected a hard mass arising from the floor of the external auditory meatus. PTA showed a left conductive hearing loss with an average air-conduction threshold of 63 dB across 500, 1,000, 2,000, and 4,000 Hz.