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EBRTExternal Beam Radiation Therapy
EBRTEast Belgian Racing Team (Belgium)
EBRTEmpty Bed Retention Time (environmental science)
EBRTEmbedded Barcode Remittance Technology
EBRTElevated Body-Rotation Test
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Radical prostatectomy is associated with higher early mortality, but better long-term survival than external beam radiation therapy in men with stage II prostate cancer
On the basis of technology, it is categorized into external beam radiation therapy, internal beam radio therapy and Systemic Radiation Therapy.
External beam radiation therapy (EBRT) using megavoltage photon beams from linear accelerators is the most widely used treatment modality in the treatment of cancer.
The men were treated with proton therapy, a specialized type of external beam radiation therapy that uses protons instead of X-rays.
External beam radiation therapy requires anesthesia during the entire course of treatment, which carries additional risks.
Radioactive iodine treatment, external beam radiation therapy, or chemotherapy may also be indicated.
In addition, patients at smaller facilities were more likely to receive only external beam radiation therapy rather than a combination of external and internal radiation therapy in the form of implants or brachytherapy.
Linacs and cobalt-60 (Co-60) machines are two of the most commonly used pieces of equipment for external beam radiation therapy, a procedure in which high-energy beams are used to kill tumour cells.
Vilaseca and colleagues from Spain presented results from their retrospective review of 251 men who underwent salvage radical prostatectomy for biopsy-proven radio-recurrent prostate cancer after external beam radiation therapy (EBRT), brachytherapy, or both.
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