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XDBExecute Disable Bit
XDBExtended Debugger
XDBXml Data Base
XDBExtra Dynamic Bass
XDBExtended Data Base
XDBExternal Data Base
XDBLille, France (Airport Code)
XDBExtended Database
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Have you ever gotten gardening or plant information from an external data base? If so, which one?
"The fact that his technology is based on nano-structures makes possible power supplies for nano-robots that can exist in the blood stream for extended periods of time and transmit diagnostic data, take samples for biopsy and/or send images wirelessly to external data bases for analysis."
It can contain part dependencies, geometric and nongeometric attributes, manufacturing and cost constraints, and access to external data bases and can be integrated with proprietary codes.
With simple keystrokes, users can call up Lotus 1-2-3, Wordperfect, electronic mail, time management, peripheral sharing commands, external data bases such as Dow Jones and Global Report, and a customized tracking system that allows users to cross-reference employee contacts with particular customers.
Special-purpose ESS software facilitates tasks such as screen design and maintenance, accessing mainframe-resident data, integrating system capabilities, accessing external data bases, and monitoring system usage.
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