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XOUTExternal Output
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The external output of the DVM then triggers the current reverser to change the direction of the current with a square pulse.
Despite this slowdown, external output growth remained close to 4%, thanks to the improved external environment which significantly boosted exports.Employment and productivityAlthough job creation lost some momentum, the growth of employment remained "impressive" bringing the unemployment rate down to 13.4% at the beginning of 2001.
He looked at types of measurements such as raw data indicators, external output measures, and internal process measures.
Similarly, the output action may be an internal output action or an external output action.
The first three chapters offer a discussion on conceptual problems: a priori expectations about the impact of irrigation on different attributes of a farm economy, the issue of one-to-one correspondence between irrigation and multiple cropping of land resource, and the external output effects of irrigation; and the methodology for assessing irrigation impact.
Sonatrach aims to raise its external output of petroleum liquids to 120,000 b/d of crude oil equivalent by 2015/16.
Reference inputs are 2-115V AC at 57 Hz to 3,000 Hz, and external output transformers are available for driving 90V L-L signals on 60 Hz applications.
The input of the amplifier is internally matched to 50 [ohm] and requires minimal external output matching components.
A variable [v.sub.o] [??] [V.sub.O] has output type if it is designated as an external output of the module.
This level of performance has traditionally only been available using a combination of unbuffered devices in a larger package and a separate external output buffer amplifier.