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EPREmergency Preparedness and Response (US DHS)
EPRElectron Paramagnetic Resonance
EPRElectronic Patient Record(s)
EPREthics and Professional Responsibility (law)
EPRExtended Producer Responsibility
EPREducation, Practice and Research (New York State Nurses Association; Latham, NY)
EPREndpoint Reference
EPREthylene-Propylene Rubber
EPRExpiratory Pressure Relief
EPREjército Popular Revolucionario (Spanish: Popular Revolutionary Army; Mexico)
EPREmployee Performance Review (various organizations)
EPREnvironmental Performance Review (various organizations)
EPRExpress Press Release (distribution)
EPREuropean Platform for Rehabilitation
EPRElectronic Public Relations
EPREnd Point Reference
EPREinstein, Podolsky, and Rosen (quantum paradox)
EPREngine Pressure Ratio
EPREuropean Pressurised Water Reactor (Franco-German project)
EPREuropean Prison Rules (est .1973)
EPREnlisted Performance Report
EPRExtended Product Responsibility
EPREthics, Philosophy and Religion (various organizations)
EPREvolutionary Pressurized Water Reactor (nuclear energy)
EPREmergency Power Rules
EPRExternal Peer Review
EPREnergy Profit Ratio (alternative energies)
EPREast Pakistan Rifles (Pakistani Civil War regiment)
EPRExxon Production Research Company (Houston, Texas)
EPREvaporator Pressure Regulator
EPREuropean Power Reactor
EPREnvironmental Program Requirements (report)
EPREarnings Price Ratio
EPREarth Potential Rise (electrical engineering)
EPREnvironment Press Release
EPREvolutionary Pressurized Reactor
EPREnterprise Permission Reporter (software)
EPREsperance, Western Australia, Australia - Esperance (Airport Code)
EPRExhaustive Photon Reassignment
EPRExhibition Park Raceway
EPREducational Psychology Review
EPREmployee Profile Record
EPRExport Permit Regulations (Canada)
EPREquivalent Parallel Resistance
EPREncryption Pause/Resume (Bluetooth)
EPREngineer Photographic and Reproduction (US Navy)
EPREstrogen and Progesterone Receptors
EPREnhanced Product Realization
EPREthernet Private Ring
EPREastern Paranormal Research (Maryland)
EPREssential Performance Requirement
EPREquipment Performance Report
EPREmergency Planning Room
EPRElectrochemical Potentiometer Reactivation
EPRElectrical Power Requirement
EPREngine/Exhaust Pressure Ratio
EPRExpected Progress Routing
EPREquipment Problem Report
EPREngineering Planning Request
EPREnvironmental Profile Report
EPREquipping Process Roadmap
EPREngineering Property Records
EPRExecutive Program Review
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Given that researchers have commonly found stakeholder participation to impact the regulatory process, we anticipate that EPA IRIS scientists take the external peer review and interagency comments very seriously.
Of respondents (n=281), 51% (n=142) indicated that they believed all articles in UpToDate undergo external peer review.
The External Peer Review will be carried out by a team of five eminent people from the industry and academia," an HRD Ministry official said.
Researchers based their findings on quality data from the VA's External Peer Review Program from 2000 to 2009.
9 pts Scholarly Activity (10-25%) Level I * Level II ** Level III *** Service (10-25% Level I 30 pts Level II 20 pts Level III 10 pts Student Support (10-25%) Level I 30 pts Level II 20 pts Level III 10 pts * Scholarship resulting in external peer-reviewed, published work of presentation at a national conference ** Scholarly presentations, workshops, and in-service activities with external peer review *** Scholarly presentation that is not peer-reviewed (Faculty Handbook, Ch.
In order to assure public protection, ANNA recognizes and endorses nephrology nursing credentials conferred by certifying bodies that base their examinations on a periodic assessment of nephrology nursing practice via practice analyses and submit their processes to external peer review.
An additional external peer review is sought whenever an initial SRP peer review makes a "standard of caremet" (SOC-Met) determination, whenever there is a SOC Not-Met determination but it is attributed to a "systems error" rather than an individual provider, or at the discretion of the SRP.
A program manager with the Corps's Baltimore District pointed out that the safety assurance review their team is doing is being performed by an independent external peer review panel.
In addition, any CPA firm that performs attest services for a New York State or municipal governmental entity will now have to undergo an external peer review in accordance with the government auditing standards of the comptroller general of the United States.
We chose to use the LCA process, which is based on ISO standards, because of its broad industry acceptance and the rigor and objectivity of its external peer review requirement.
In addition, unlike auditing standards, inspection standards do not require an external peer review of quality.
Manuscripts surviving this cut are then assigned to one of the eight Senior Associate Editors (SAE) for additional review before deciding to send it out for external peer review (see Luft and Flood 2003; Flood 2004; Luft 2004 for more details).