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EQASExternal Quality Assessment Schemes
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Therefore external quality assessment schemes may uncover between-method variations which then have to be investigated regarding the commutability of reference materials.
(1.) The United Kingdom National External Quality Assessment Scheme (UKNEQAS) for Molecular Genetics.
A UK National External Quality Assessment scheme (UK NEQAS) for molecular genetic testing for the diagnosis of familial thrombophilia.
The provision of accessible materials to facilitate independent assessment of laboratory performance could benefit laboratories that currently have no appropriate external quality assessment schemes available.
Such requirements can be one of the fractiles of the distribution of imprecisions from all participating laboratories in different external quality assessment schemes, provided that in these schemes imprecision is estimated from all of the results corresponding to a particular control material.
The UK National External Quality Assessment Schemes for Hb [A.sub.1c] and triglyceride and the Murex Diagnostics Ltd.
Different types of commercial lyophilized control plasma samples were distributed to the different types of POC INR instruments, TriniCHECK (Trinity Biotech) and OKP (MediRox AB) for Simple Simon, TriniCHECK and Control Plasma AK (Axis-Shield) for Thrombotrack, and UKNEQAS (the United Kingdom National External Quality Assessment Scheme) for Blood Coagulation provided samples for the CoaguChek XS Plus.
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