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XTChristmas Tree (subsea oil & gas)
XTExtra Thick
XTX-Ray Technician
XTCross Talk
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XTExtreme Terrain (advanced ski or mountain bike areas)
XTCross Train
XTX-ray Tube
XTExotropia (divergent strabismus; outward turning of one or both eyes; aka walleyed)
XTParasolid File (file extension)
XTXtreme Time
XTExtreme Tromboning
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shortbread & RASPBERRY STACKS INGREDIENTS For the biscuit: n 200g unsalted butter n 100g caster sugar n 3 egg yolks n 259g plain flour For the filling: n Fresh raspberries n Extra thick cream n Icing sugar to decorate METHOD 1 In a bowl cream together the caster sugar and the butter until soft, now add the egg yolks and combine.
When the canopy is extra thick and gnarly, and a 3/4-ounce or larger weight is required, 50-plus-pound braid is the best choice.
Of the major bread brands, our extra thick offering is the thickest by far so by renaming it Doorstep we are communicating very clearly what it is.
Tables are constructed with an aluminum honeycomb core, extra thick bottom and top plates, and brushless vacuum motors.
It features an extended pull-handle and extra thick polyurethane, stainless-steel, ball-bearing wheels for all terrain mobility.
Tourism officials supply them with extra thick woolen socks and blankets.
The Model 790 inspects a winder range of coatings including most coal tars, extruded and tape coatings as well as extra thick and somastic coatings.
Soft recoil pads aren't always necessary or desirable on target rifles where the buttplate is extra thick.
The plates are formed from a single piece of extra thick stock, eliminating the need for welding and giving the plate increased durability and compaction performance.
There is so much available now from ergonomic furniture to an oversized computer mouse, from flexible keyboards to extra thick pens.
Sprinkle with the icing sugar and serve immediately with a generous squirt of real dairy cream extra thick.
Extra thick, pressure-cast aluminum base results in perfect heat distribution, superior heat retention, and the ability to sear, brown, and deglaze, and cleans with the wipe of a sponge.