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XBExperimental Bomber (US military aircraft designation)
XBXbox (Microsoft video game console)
XBHalifax to Boston (routing designation; US Navy; Canada and US)
XBExchangeable Bonds (corporate finance)
XBX-Bracings (structures)
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'We are proud to say that total tax revenues also had a constant tendency of growth, as well as revenues from extra-budgetary funds, which, in a certain way, resulted in compliance with the provisions and rules of the law on financial operations and internal payment transactions.
Speaking to reporters last Thursday shortly after Parliament passed Lebanon's first state budget in 12 years, in a landmark move seen as crucial for putting an end to extra-budgetary spending in the billions of dollars since 2005, both Prime Minister Saad Hariri and Finance Minister Ali Hasan Khalil said that Cabinet would meet this week to begin drafting the 2018 budget.
Turkey's figures on defense expenditures do not include extra-budgetary spending -- such as the JGK's budget -- earmarked for these agencies.
especially ones involving extra-budgetary finding sources".
However, UNESCO's total resources grew significantly during this period due to an eight-fold increase in UNESCO's extra-budgetary funds.
of providing Charles Taylor's Liberian government with "unrecorded extra-budgetary income" (read: "bribes").
Extra-budgetary items consist largely of loans, investments and advances -- primarily to Crown Corporations -- and transactions related to federal employee pension accounts.
The stabilisation programme thus aims to tackle deficiencies in the budget system along a wide front, improving the efficiency of tax administration and codifying budget practice in a single "fiscal law"; regularising and ultimately eliminating the use of extra-budgetary funds; suppressing the quasi-fiscal activities of the state banks and tackling the deficits of the state-owned enterprises.
As a result of fluctuations in the exchange rate of the currencies included in SOFAZ's investment portfolio, extra-budgetary expenditures amounted to about 1.59 billion manats.
This resulted in stabilization of public finance and extra-budgetary funds, growth of GDP, employment and export and stronger real sector.
Following speeches by Hariri and Finance Minister Ali Hasan Khalil at the end of the evening session, MPs voted late Wednesday night on a Cabinet's expedited draft law that permits Parliament to endorse the state budget before an audit of past years' extra-budgetary spending.