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EVEnterprise Value
EVExposure Value (photography)
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EVEn Vogue (female singing group)
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EVEmbedded Value
EVElectoral Votes
EVEagleview (various organizations)
EVEvent Horizon (movie)
EVEnter Vehicle (police incident code)
EVEn Ville (French: In Town)
EVEingetragener Verein (German: Registered Association)
EVEaux Vannes (French: Water Valves)
EVEvent Point (transportation)
EVEudraVigilance (data processing network; European Medicines Agency)
EVEbola virus
EVExtreme Value
EVEscort Vessel
EVExhaust Valve
EVEffort Values (gaming)
EVEesti Vabariik (Estonian Republic)
EVEpidermodysplasia Verruciformis
EVExternal Verification
EVExperimental Version
EVEntry Vehicle
EVEczema Vaccinatum (reaction to Smallpox vaccination)
EVEngineer Vehicle
EVEnchiridion Vaticanum (Vatican reference book)
EVEndogenous Virus
EVEnvironmental Volunteers
EVEstimated Variance
EVExtra Variable
EVExtreme Voice (Ultravox fanzine)
EVExposed Variable (plumbing)
EVEvaporator Vessel
EVEnforcement Vector
EVElectronics Volts
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It was designed to assist the work of astronauts in complicated situations, especially during extra-vehicular outings.
All of these effects were not considered in the movie 2001, and they're not even easily explained away in the Star Trek movie series and especially during EVAs (extra-vehicular activities) when supposedly ship-based shielding powered by the anti-matter-based engines would no longer be available.
Tracing the history of cooperation, he said that China and Russia have collaborated on astronaut training, spacecraft technology and extra-vehicular suits, and "we are cooperating with our French counterparts on a variety of experiments in astrobiology and space medicine."
David Jones is a children's novelist who has the gift of exploring alien worlds (under a monkey's pelt in Baboon and inside a space-kid in Meltdown) and this reader for one cannot wait for the next time his imagination goes EVA (extra-vehicular activity, for goodness' sake!).
Their topics include nutritional requirements, sources of data and gaps in it, fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins, extra-vehicular activity, antioxidants, nutrient-drug interactions, and looking forward.
In January during extra-vehicular activity operations, the crew will lay cable lines between the module and the station." Nov 18, 2009
Zhai Zhigang, the 41-year-old son of a snack-seller chosen for the first "extra-vehicular activity," will have a $4.4 million Chinese-made suit weighing 120-kg (265lb).
With this spacewalk, China became the third country in history, after the United Sttes and the former Soviet Union, to have one of its citizens engage in, as NASA describes it, extra-vehicular activity.
The spacewalk, known formally as an extra-vehicular activity or EVA, is expected to help China develop the technology for docking two orbiters to create China's first space station in the future.
The authors highlight the flexibility and adaptability of the astronauts as they faced unexpected difficulties dealing with the unique environment of orbit, especially the challenges of extra-vehicular activities.
Mitchell completed experiments and sample collecting on their second extra-vehicular excursion, Shepard pulled the head of "a genuine six-iron" out of his spacesuit pocket and attached it to the bottom of the long handle of a lunar-sample collector.
Then, in Nasa-speak, they went EVA (extra-vehicular activity), powered by their MMU (manned manoeuvring units).