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EBFEuropean Breeders' Fund (horse racing)
EBFEstatuto dos Benefícios Fiscais (Portuguese: Tax Benefits Statute)
EBFExtreme Beer Fest
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EBFEarly B Cell Factor
EBFEuropean Boxing Federation (est. 2005)
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EBFEuropean Baptist Federation
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EBFEuropean Benefyt Foundation (phytotherapeuthical systems)
EBFEuropean Botanical Forum (conference)
EBFEmployee Benefits Fund (various locations)
EBFEcumenical Bishops' Forum
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EBFElectronic Bible Fellowship (online Christian ministry)
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EBFExtrabudgetary Fund
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EBFEuroMerchant Balkan Fund
EBFExchange of Body Fluids
EBFEuropean Bowhunting Federation (aka European Bowhunting Association)
EBFEmail Broadcast Framework (Tikit Ltd.)
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A extrabudgetary fund of 5.5 million euros (7.58 million dollars) is needed for IAEA to undertake the monitoring and verification role in relation to the nuclear-related measure set out in the interim deal, called Joint Plan of Action.
The financial system can be seen, therefore, as reflected by relations: the state budget, local budgets, social security and unemployment insurance, special funds budgets, extrabudgetary funds budgets, revenue and expenditure budgets of economic operators and other subjects, Treasury budget, budget insurance, reinsurance, budgets established by external grants or funds into domestic and external loans contracted or guaranteed to be reimbursed from public financial resources.
However, the reality is that poor localities are less able to generate and thus to draw on extrabudgetary funds than richer areas.
In many countries, limited formal revenue autonomy has encouraged the widespread use of informal revenue generating mechanisms, such as tax offsets and extrabudgetary funds.
In the early days of the break up of the Soviet Union, all levels of government created extrabudgetary funds. Many directed resources to state enterprises while other funds were controlled by government ministries.
In a provocative essay, Shaoguang Wang emphasizes the significance of the rising extrabudgetary funds in China under reform.
With a stronger tax base and source of extrabudgetary funds, Longkeng is able to deliver better services than another township within the same county.
They also oversee local labor markets and appoint managers to collective enterprises not leased to private operators, serve as intermediaries in critical negotiations with banks for access to credit, fix local prices on select numbers of commodities, and approve and coordinate investment of extrabudgetary funds under their control for projects proposed by collective enterprises.
In addition, almost 20.3 million extrabudgetary funds are involved.
Bifani's news conference was held in response to accusations by Siniora, a former prime minister and former finance minister, who had held a news conference Friday to explain the spending of about $11 billion in extrabudgetary funds that had taken place during his tenure as premier, from 2005 and 2009, and had for years raised speculation about his involvement.
The decision stipulates that the budget will consist of budgetary and extrabudgetary funds in the proportion of 20 and 80 percent respectively.
The main growth has been in posts funded from extrabudgetary funds or from peacekeeping budgets.