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ECFVExtracellular Fluid Volume
ECFVEuropean Centre of Fruit and Vegetables (Brussels, Belgium)
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The clue to the diagnosis was the difficulty in correcting magnesium and potassium levels in spite of massive amounts of intravenous and oral supplementation despite resolution of emesis and restoration of extracellular fluid volume with saline.
HYDRA ECF/ICF (model 4200): Bio-impedance spectrum analyzer for measuring intracellular and extracellular fluid volumes.
As extracellular fluid volume increases, the person begins to experience oedema.
Can extracellular fluid volume expansion in hemodialysis patients be safely reduced using the hemocontrol biofeedback algorithm?
For example, the clinical assessment of the extracellular fluid volume in patients with hyponatremia has a low diagnostic sensitivity and specificity (1).
The extracellular fluid volume correlates with body surface area (BSA) in children.
Dehydration is a decrease in the extracellular fluid volume that results in electrolyte imbalance.
Vasopressin is released whenever serum osmolality is increased or when there is extracellular fluid volume depletion (independent of plasma osmolality).
Patients who are hypertonic have a deficit of extracellular fluid volume (Patanwala, Amini, & Erstad, 2010).
Only extracellular fluid volume was considered in this analysis because of its likely strong influence on short-term residual-limb fluid volume change [2].
1 MIVF is administered to expand extracellular fluid volume, replace the physiological plus insensible losses of water and electrolytes from urine, stool, skin and respiratory tract.
The ranking of causes/mechanisms associated with IDH were the rate of ultrafiltration exceeds cardiovascular compensation (1st), cardiac dysfunction (2nd), and a decline in plasma osmolality and extracellular fluid volume (3rd) (see Table 2).
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