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ECVÉcole de Communication Visuelle (French: School of Visual Communication)
ECVExperimental Composite Vehicle
ECVEnergy Conservation Vehicle
ECVEmbedded Computer Vision
ECVEco City Vehicles (UK)
ECVExternal Cephalic Version
ECVExtended Content Verification (computing)
ECVEnhanced Call Verification (ADT Alarm Services)
ECVExtracellular Volume
ECVElectrical Cardioversion
ECVEntrepreneurship Competition Vilnius (Vilnius, Lithuania)
ECVExpanded Capacity Vehicle
ECVExpected Commercial Value
ECVEmergency Control Valve (engineering)
ECVEssential Climate Variable
ECVEnsemble de Cuivres Valaisan
ECVÉquipe Cycliste Vélizy (French cycling team)
ECVEuropean Construction Ventures
ECVEmbedded Computer Vision (IEEE workshop)
ECVEmergency Communications Vehicle (satellite based voice and data communications vehicle used in disaster recovery)
ECVEssais Cliniques et Validation (French: Clinical Trials and Validation)
ECVEffective Circulating Volume (renal function)
ECVEnhanced Compliance Validation (US DoD)
ECVE Clampsus Vitus
ECVEstimated Cash Value (stamp collecting)
ECVEnding the Cycle of Violence
ECVEnvironmental Compliance Verification
ECVEnamel Cotton Varnish
ECVElectrical Complexes of Vehicles
ECVElectric Conveyance Vehicle (disability aid)
ECVElectric Clock Voice
ECVEscudos Capverdien (French: Cape Verdean Escudos; monetary unit)
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The protocol for the blood volume monitor group included monitoring of oxygen saturation, control of intradialytic extracellular volume, and establishment of a normalized extracellular volume using plasma refilling rate.
Extracellular volume, renal clearance and whole body permeability-surface area product in man, measured after single injection of polyfructosan.
Therefore, it adds little to plasma sodium or creatinine concentration in the assessment of extracellular volume or GFR [37].
Postnatal weight loss in preterm neonates <1500 grams is due to isotonic dehydration of the extracellular volume.
Distribution of extracellular volume between the interstitial and intravascular spaces is dependent on hydrostatic, osmotic and oncotic pressures, which change during the dialysis treatment (Zuchelli & Santoro, 1993).
Hemodialysis dose, extracellular volume control and arterial hypertension.
The effects of aldosterone associated with changes in extracellular volume are more complex.
By reducing the sodium concentration in the body, ESRD patients will experience a reduction in extracellular volume resulting in blood pressure reduction.
However, with chronic diuretic use, while plasma and extracellular volume returns to baseline, the peripheral vascular resistance seen in initial treatment falls below baseline resistance levels and is responsible for the maintenance of hypotensive effect (Hawkins et al.
Dynamics of segmental extracellular volumes during changes in body position by bioimpedance analysis.
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