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EGGCTExtragonadal Germ-Cell Tumor (also seen as EGCT)
EGGCTExtragonadal Malignant Germ Cell Tumour (urology)
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We eventually identified the mass as an extragonadal germ-cell tumor.
In this article, we describe the case of a patient with a cervical lump that was diagnosed as an extragonadal germ-cell tumor only after extensive investigation.
2 ng/L (normal: 18 to 41); these values suggested a diagnosis of a malignant extragonadal germ-cell tumor.
In our patient, the high hCG[beta] level was diagnostic; on the other hand, his AFP level, which is elevated in approximately 80% of patients with an extragonadal germ-cell tumor, was within normal limits.
Management of extragonadal germ-cell tumors and the significance of bilateral testicular biopsies.
Prognostic variables for response and outcome in patients with extragonadal germ-cell tumors.
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