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ELFExtremely Low Frequency (3-30 Hz; 100,000-10,000 km)
ELFEuropean Lung Foundation (Sheffield, UK)
ELFEarth Liberation Front
ELFEarly Learning Fun (education; various locations)
ELFEssential Living Foods (Culver City, CA)
ELFEyes Lips Face (cosmetics company)
ELFEnhanced Liver Fibrosis (test)
ELFEssential Legal Framework (workshop; various locations)
ELFEver Lasting Friends (Super Junior fan club)
ELFExecutable and Linking Format (computer data format)
ELFExecutive Leadership Foundation (various organizations)
ELFExtended Layer File
ELFExtremely Large Fabric
ELFExternal Line Format
ELFExtended Language Facility
ELFExecutable and Linking Format
ELFExtensible Linking Format
ELFExtended Log Format
ELFExtremely Low Frequency
ELFElectronic Application Form File
ELFElvish Linguistic Fellowship (J.R.R. Tolkien)
ELFElectronic Filing
ELFEritrean Liberation Front (Eritrea)
ELFEnglish Language Fellow (various locations)
ELFEnvironmental Law Foundation
ELFEpithelial Lining Fluid (medical)
ELFElectric Light Fixtures (real estate)
ELFExtremely Low Flow
ELFEmeril Lagasse Foundation
ELFEnvironmental Liberation Front (est. 1992)
ELFExchange of Large Files (computing)
ELFEnzyme-Labeled Fluorescence
ELFEarly Life Failure
ELFEndangered Language Fund (Yale University)
ELFEurope Lost and Found
ELFEarly Learning Foundation
ELFEmergency Loan Fund (various organizations)
ELFEconomic Limit Factor (tax rate adjustment for oil and gas field production)
ELFElf Lore Family (south-central Indiana)
ELFElectronic Low Frequency
ELFElectromagnetic Flux (Earthsiege terminology game)
ELFErisian Liberation Front
ELFEducation and Legal Fund (Ohio)
ELFEngagement Level Feedback
ELFEducation Loan Funding Corp. (Denver, CO)
ELFe-Learning Forum
ELFEnvironmental Learning Facility (various locations)
ELFEffective Learning Framework
ELFElectronic Labor Force (software)
ELFEnterprise Learning Framework (Microsoft Vista)
ELFExtraterrestrial Life Form
ELFEnvironmental Life Force (activist group)
ELFEnterprise Loan Fund (various organizations)
ELFEvans Park, Lincoln Avenue, and Franklin Avenue
ELFExtension Language Facility
ELFElectronic Location Finder
ELFEducational Leadership Foundation
ELFExtended Layer File (WinImages image processing software)
ELFEmergent Learning Forum
ELFElectrostatic Levitation Furnace
ELFEvolutionary Learning of Fuzzy Rules (system)
ELFEliminate Landmines Forever (ChemTech)
ELFExternal Financing Limit (UK)
ELFEesti Looduse Fond (Estonian Fund for Nature)
ELFExplicit Link Failure
ELFEl Fasher, Sudan - El Fasher (Airport Code)
ELFEye-safe Laser Filter
ELFEmployee Learning Fund (Canada)
ELFExplosive-Actuated Light Filter
ELFEnergie Liquide de France (corporate name)
ELFEnergy Level Finder
ELFEngineered Landform
ELFEngineered Land Form
ELFExtensible and Linking Format
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In order to achieve their goal in promoting the ideology of working together with Extraterrestrial Life Forms and not against each other, as has been the popular genre of the past, Cosmic Interplanetary Studios[TM] through their sci-fi movies, scriptwriting, and scriptwriting services for other motion picture studios seeking them out, have instilled this program.
We thought that was a good enough excuse to go to the Welsh capital where the series and it's parent programme, Doctor Who, are filmed to find out whether or not there are any extraterrestrial life forms there.
Please consider this hypothesis: Within the next millennium, extraterrestrial life forms considering themselves far superior to humans discover our planet and easily put us at their disposal, including use in experiments.
Third, social scientists and humanists can help educate guesses about extraterrestrial life forms and cultures.
Finding the process is possible on Europa has implications in the search for alien life, because subduction could help transport nutrients for extraterrestrial life forms from the surface and down into the planet's interior, where many scientists have suggested that there is an ocean.
July 1947 - The historic crash of a "saucer" with extraterrestrial occupants outside Roswell, NM, captures the attention of America with the news of intelligent extraterrestrial life forms. First confirmed by the U.S.
Giving details of the MoD's policy on UFOs, the Director of Air Staff, said in a lengthy response to a Freedom of Information request: "The Ministry of Defence does not have any expertise or role in respect of 'UFO/ flying saucer' matters or to the question of the existence or otherwise of extraterrestrial life forms, about which it remains totally open-minded."
Their purpose: to listen for possible signals produced by extraterrestrial life forms. From 1992 through 1998, NASA plans to examine all of the nearly 800 known stars somewhat similar to our sun (spectral types F, G and K, luminosity class V) within a distance of 25 parsecs (82 light-years), as well as other candidate targets researchers may perceive as promising.
This is because any extraterrestrial life forms are likely to have come from microbes that originated on our planet.
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