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ETIEntreprise de Taille Intermédiaire (French: Medium Size Business)
ETIEnte Tabacchi Italiani (Italian: Italian Tobacco Authority)
ETIEthical Trading Initiative (UK)
ETIEnzymatic Therapy, Inc. (Green Bay, WI)
ETIExtraterrestrial Intelligence
ETIEnte Teatrale Italiano (Italy)
ETIEmployment Trends Index (The Conference Board)
ETIEnergy Technologies Institute (UK)
ETIExtraterritorial Income
ETIEcole de Traduction et d’Interprétation (French: School of Translation and Interpretation, University of Geneva, Switzerland)
ETIEnhance Technology, Inc. (Santa Fe Springs, CA)
ETIEmergent Technologies Inc (Austin, TX)
ETIEasy to Install
ETIExpert Center for Taxonomic Identification
ETIElasticity of Taxable Income
ETIExpert Technique International (French: International Technical Expert)
ETIEconomically Targeted Investment
ETIEngineering Technical Information
ETIEstimated Time of Intercept (US DoD)
ETIEngineers Training Institute (various schools)
ETIEuropean Transport Infrastructure
ETIEvolutionary Technologies International, Inc.
ETIEnsemble Transport Interface
ETIEnvironmental Technology Initiative
ETIElapsed Time Indicator
ETIEuropees Technologie Instituut (Dutch: European Institute of Technology)
ETIExtrusion Technologies, Inc. (various companies)
ETIExtra-Territorial Intelligence
ETIEquator Technologies, Inc.
ETIEffective Technology Integration (education)
ETIElectrical Training Institute (of Southern California)
ETIEdista Testing Institute (India)
ETIEstimated Time to Invasion (game)
ETIEcho Therapeutics, Inc.
ETIEfficient Technology Inc (Redondo Beach, CA)
ETIEnterprise Theory of Investigation (RICO statute)
ETIEvolutionary Technology Insertion (military)
ETIEarth Trance Interlude (band)
ETIEnhanced Training in Idaho
ETIEconomic Trends and Issues
ETIElektronika Telekomunikacja Informatyka (Polish: Electronics Telecommunications Informatics)
ETIEconomical and Technological Intelligence (5th European Framework Programme)
ETIEnergy Time Indicator
ETIEconomics & Technology Incorporated
ETIEstudiants de Traducció i Interpretació (Translation & Interpreting Students; Students Union)
ETIEagle Technologies Incorporated
ETIElectro-Therm International (Belgium)
ETIEnterprise Transition & Implementation
ETIEnterprise Telephone Integration (CMA)
ETIExtended Transaction Interface
ETIEast Texas Inspections (Grand Saline, TX real estate)
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Taxpayers must use the "international boycott factor method" to compute the reduction of extraterritorial income exclusion.
[section][section] 921-27 (1984), repealed by FSC Repeal and Extraterritorial Income Exclusion Act of 2000, Pub.
The offending export incentive, called the extraterritorial income (ETI) exclusion, is repealed for transactions after Dec.
The act includes provisions to repeal the tax exclusion for extraterritorial income (which is offset by a lower tax rate of 3 percent for domestic manufacturers), to increase the small business expensing limit to $100,000 through 2007, and to initiate a one-year tax holiday to repatriate foreign profits at a 5.25 percent tax rate.
The Extraterritorial Income (ETI) Act tax regime gave U.S.
corporate tax breaks to exporters under the Foreign Sales Corporation (FSC) law, and its successor regime, the Extraterritorial Income Act (ETI).
The primary objective of the Jumpstart Our Business Strength (JOBS) legislation was to give American companies a new manufacturing tax credit to replace the Foreign Sales Corporation/ Extraterritorial Income Tax regime which the World Trade Organization deemed illegal.
Since 2000, the European Union (EU) has been successful twice in having the World Trade Organization (WTO) declare that export-related benefits (Foreign Sales Corporation and Extraterritorial Income rules) the U.S.
Still in need of a vehicle to facilitate competition between American and foreign corporations, the United States enacted its current method of taxation called Extraterritorial Income (ETI) in 2000.
The WTO affirmed its earlier rulings that the tax provisions provided under the FSC Repeal and Extraterritorial Income Exclusion Act were impermissible export subsidies.