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ELGAEnglish Ladies' Golf Association (UK)
ELGAEnvironmental Leaders in Golf Awards (Golf Course Superintendents Association of America; Lawrence, KS)
ELGAExtremely Low Gestational Age (infant classification)
ELGAEnzyme Linked Gel Assay
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The ELGAN group consisted of extremely low gestational age newborns (ELGAN) on their first days of life, hospitalized for suspected intrauterine infection, requiring mechanical ventilation, total parenteral nutrition (TPN), and constant monitoring of basic biophysical parameters.
Median CRP values were highest in the group of term newborns with sepsis and in patients with NEC (52.1 (1-3Q: 15.8-94.1) and 22.8 (1-3Q: 6.1-59.1) mg/dl, resp.), while PCT values were also elevated in septic newborns and in extremely low gestational age babies (9.0 (1-3Q: 2.2-14.2) and 5.7 (1-3Q: 2.7-10.6) ng/ml, resp.).
"Determining the predictive value for screening positive on the M-CHAT among extremely low gestational age children and among handicapped children may offer critical information for pediatricians, since the AAP has recommended early screening for autism," added Kuban.
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